New yearly design event

35 rooms designed by Swedens? best architects and designers ages 24 to 75. The jugend buiding ?t-house? (Birger Jarlsgatan/Engelbrektsgatan) will transform into a temporary designexhibition. The aim is to show a home (not installations) for a fictive family of 11 persons including exwife, children etc and that it will include sounds, light and smells?!.

The exhibition also hosts a restaurant runned by Vassa Eggen, seminars twice/week and smaller events. The entrance fee will be first visit: 150 SEK, 2nd visit: 50 SEK and 3rd Free. It will be open every day, except Monday, from 11-22 o clock. Between september 1 and October 14. The items will be auctioned after the exhibition and the surplus goes to Childhood Foundation and the producers.


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