Unusual ways to see Stockholm


Do you seek adventure? Stockholm offers a great variety of ways to explore the city and its beautiful surroundings. With Viamare sjöflyg (seaplane) you can fly over the city and land on water in the archipelago. From Bromma Airport to Grinda or Sandhamn takes about 20 minutes. A hot-air ballon is another unique way to see Stockholm, but if, when how and where you will fly depends all on the weather conditions. A guided tour with Segway is a relatively new way to explore the city (segway a electric gladiator-looking vehicle) and with a RIB-boat you can explore the archipelago in high speed. You can also go on a archipelagorace, a fast sightseeing tour.

Postat av: Mathias

Viamare Sjöflyg har upphört med sin verksamhet. Kontakta Grafair för sjöflyg-event.

2010-03-16 @ 11:03:04
URL: http://www.grafair.se

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