Viking for a day at Birka!

Photo: Vikingboat, Birka
Fascinated about the Vikings? Then experience the real thing at Birka. Birka is on the UNESCO world heritage list and is still an active excavation place. During the summer the island is packed with Viking craftsmen, merchants and activities. The beautiful boats are tied up, and the smells of tar, smithies and campfires are in the air. You can try to row a Viking boat, or throw a spear and youngsters can also try painting their own shields or baking bread.

Children?s activities are also available onboard the m/s Victoria during the morning trip from Stockholm, and Viking period clothes can also be borrowed onboard. If you take the morning tour, don?t miss the dramatised tour.

Let Snerrir, the ?brave? warrior, Tora the bondswoman, and the rich and vain Brynhilde take you through their everyday life in the trading metropolis of Birka! Next summer Strömma Kanalbolaget will offer families to rent a furnished Viking period house, including diner and loan replica clothes. The evening is spent around the campfire with merchants and others. (30th June? 19 th Aug).


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