Relaunch of Smörgåsbord at Operakällaren

Photo: Operakallaren/Max Plunger

This summer brings with it the relaunch of one of Operakällaren’s all time great success stories: the smorgasbord! The legendary gastronomic traditions of Werner Vögelis and Tore Wretman live on and, after a break of 15 years, it is once again time to lay out the great buffet filled with Swedish delicacies!

Operakällaren’s smorgasbord will be served under the cut-glass chandeliers and ceiling paintings of Café Opera’s historically listed dining room from 19 May, Wednesday – Sunday 13.00-19.00. Price 390 SEK.

Here are some other places in Stockholm that you can eat a typical swedish smörgåsbord:
Solliden på Skansen
Verandan på Grand Hotel
Ulriksdals Wärdshus


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