Fashion and modernists at Waldemarsudde in 2011

2011 at Prince Eugenes Waldemarsudde in Stockholm will begin with a retrospective featuring the swedish modernist pioneer GAN (Gösta Adrian-Nilsson). In March there will be a smaller project exhibition of works of the intarsia artist Thomas Tempte. Thereafter, the Swedish fashion designer Lars Wallin's 20th anniversary to be celebrated with an exposé of his production over the years. During the summer the focus is on an exhibition of Venetian masterpieces, mainly paintings from the 1700s, and Waldemarsuddes own art collection.
Phtoto: Lars Edelholm/Waldemarsudde

GAN - modernistpioneer and outsider
19 februari - 29 maj 2011

Thomas Tempte - Master of Veneer
5 mars - 3 april 2011

Lars Wallin - Fashion Stories
7 maj - 18 september 2011

Venetian Masterpieces

21 juni - 28 augusti 2011

Waldemarsudde, originally the home of Prince Eugen, son of Oscar II (1865-1947), became state-owned after the Prince's death and in accordance with his will, and is now among the most-visited art museums in Sweden. The complex consists of a castle-like main building - the Mansion - finished in 1905 and designed by the Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg, and a Gallery Building, added in 1913. Prince Eugen was one of his generation's foremost landscape painters and many of his best-known works, including Molnet (the Cloud) and Det gamla slottet (The Old Castle), are part of the collections at Waldemarsudde. He was also an art collector and his collection of Swedish turn-of-the-19th-century art is one of the foremost in the country.


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