Skansen open on Christmas Eve

The Open Air museum Skansen is open, for the first time, on Christmas Eve, with free admission all day. "This is our Christmas gift to all Stockholmers and visitors, says John Brattmyhr CEO of Skansen. Skansen and restaurant Gubbhyllan is open from 10.00-14.00

Christmas Eve Programme:
12.30-13.00 Christmas Eve Prayer Service in Seglora church
10.00-14.00 Lunch soup and Glögg (mulled wine) at Gubbhyllan restaurant
10.00-14.00 Christmas market at Bollnästorget and Logen
Christmas Day Service in Seglora church at 07.00 followed by christmas coffee at Gubbhyllan

Photo: The Christmas Host at Skansen: Mr Konrad Gyllenknapp


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