Archipelago Islands in a day back and forth

Metro lists their favorite islands in the archipelago for a daytrip. (photo: Grinda Wärdshus)

Grinda - Beaches and a lovely Inn (Grinda wärdshus), canoe rentals and farms makes it a perfect place for the entire family. Takes 1 hour and 20 minutes with Waxholmsbolaget or Strömma. 120 SEK.

Sandhamn - This sailboat capital in the summer is where you will spot the rich, beautiful and famous in Stockholm. Takes 1 hour and 50 minutes with Waxholmsbolaget or Strömma. 130 SEK.

Stora Kalholmen - Go back in time. This charming island has a popular, but austere, hostel with no running water. Takes 2 hours with Cinderella Boats. 180 SEK.

Vaxholm - is bubbling in the summer. Cozy cafes, restaurants, shops and a fancy hotel makes it a popular destination all year around. Takes 1 hour with Strömma or Waxholmsbolaget. SEK 75.

Fjäderholmarna - Stockholms closest archipelago island with the Fjäderholmarnas krog restaurant and the popular Smoked fish restaurant.  Fjäderholmslinjen or Waxholmsbolaget from Slussen. SEK 60. 

Photo: Fjäderholmarnas Krog


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