Best places for Live music in Stockholm

Where can I go for some live music in Stockholm? This is one of the most frequently asked questions at the Stockholm Tourist Center. The November-December issue of What's On lists one venue from every district:

Lilla Hotellbaren
Live music every evening from both established and less well-known performers and bands. You and your friends will have a chance to recharge your batteries and find your rhythm after shopping and big city life in the trendy Sofo-district
Address: Scandic Hotel Malmen, Södermalm.

Hellsten Earth Bar (image)
Every Thursday the bar is transformed into one of Stockholm's most important jazz venues. There are also extra performances some nights.
Address: Hotel Hellsten, Luntmakargatan 68, Vasastan.

Nalen Bar
A popular bar with influences from the American South and melodies from classic club jazz and soul to funk and slick blues.
Addresss: Nalen, Regeringsgatan 72, City.

Wirströms Pub
A sports bar in a unique setting where people get together to talk soccer. Live music five nights a week.
Address: Wirströms Pub, Stora Nygatan 13, Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Södra Bar & Kök
Mosebacke Square, in the neighborhood of Stieg Larssons's Millennium triology, is the setting of a bar that offers unexpected music and an unbeatable view of Stockholm.
Address: Södra Bar, Mosebacke Torg 1-3, Södermalm


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