Fotografiska awarded Swedish Tourism prize

During the Swedish Tourism Gala - Fotografiska (photo museum) was awarded the Swedish Grand Tourism Award (Stora Turistpriset 2010). The prize honors exemplary efforts in innovation, internationalization, quality or durability, which has helped to develop tourism in Sweden. The award ceremony was held in cooperation with the RTS, travel and tourism industry in Sweden, in Swedish Tourism Gala at the Stockholm Concert Hall (Konserthuset).

- We are proud to receive such a prestigious award only five months after the premiere. This is a great recognition for us, "said Per Broman and Jan Broman, founders of Fotografiska.

The jury's full motivation reads: "In a very short time has created a photographic Swedish world-class attractions in Stockholm. Through a bold and innovative venture in photography opportunities as a medium they have created audiences attractive exhibitions, a meeting place for knowledge and experiences and training. Major tourism prize aimed at promoting development in the tourism industry has really been achieved through the successful collaboration between amateur and professional photographers. The Photographic also established itself in an industrial heritage with all amenities, shows that you have managed to establish a business that not only is in keeping with the times but will also offer future opportunities ".


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