Add a day and visit Gotland

Gotlandsflyg airline is opening a direct route to Stockholm on September 18 2010. So why not add a couple of extra days to your Stockholm visit and travel to the island of Gotland, with its lime stone rock formations and the picturesque and popular medieval city, Visby.

Postat av: núria

Hi! i'm trying to find someway to contact with you, but maybe a comment is the best way :) . I'm a girl from Barcelona, tomorrow I come to Stockholm to visit a friend. We are planning to go to Gotland, but in the Gotland website there is too much information. Maybe you can tell us the best places to visit and the best way to go and stay one night. Can you reply me on my email address? thanks for advance!! c u!

2010-10-06 @ 21:42:35

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