Skeppsholmen island day!

Photo: Svenska Dagbladet/Karin Grip

One of the city islands, Skeppsholmen where the Modern Museum is situated, is a former warf-environment in Stockholm. Skepp is Ship in swedish. The small establishments on the island is organising a Skeppsholmen day this upcomming weekend, September 12.

The Terracotta Army exhibitions in the secret rock galleries under Östasiatiska (East asia)
The Moderna Museet
The Architecture Museum
The Modern Dance Theatre
Choir singing with 17 choirs in the Eric Ericsson Hall
and lots and lots more

Skeppsholmen is just a lovely green and lush island. Perfect for a stroll. And there are several  places to eat. The excellent Moderna Museet restaurant have recently opened a small nice place, called Restaurang Hjerta (heart), aldready a popular place for Stockholmers as well as visitors.


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