Best restaurants and bars according to City

, the local newspaper of Stockholm, have nominated the best bars, restaurants and cafés in Stockholm.

Best restaurants

Designed Christmasdinner at Strand

Photo: Stefan Nilsson
Radisson Blu Strand Hotel
in Stockholm offers typical swedish smörgåsbord and lets a well-known swedish designer do the decorations. This year the brittish designer Simon Davies, who runs London W8 shop in Stockholm, is the creator behind the swedish Julbord buffé at the Strand.

The buffé at Strand is open until December 18.

New restaurant at Sturebadet spa

A new hidden gem in Stockholm is the Curman restaurant in Sturebadet. The Curman restaurant is situated in the spa but open for the public. The restaurant offers nordic and asian food with a unique concept. One raw material - two ways. Pork, shrimps or cod served in an asian or nordic way.

Sturebadet is a modern spa and exercise facility in a traditional environment. The spa was founded as early as 1885 and is situated in the exclusive Östermalm district in Stockholm.
Read more about Sturebadet on Stockholmtown or about other places for  recreation on Stockholmtown.

Best restaurants nominated

Dagens Nyheter newspaper lists the nominated best places in Stockholm. Gulddraken (the golden dragon) is a prestigious price for restaurants, bars and cafés in Stockholm and the nominated restaurants have just been released. A couple of years ago most nominees were found on the island of Södermalm, but this year the restaurants are found in the Vasastan-Östermalm area. The winners will be in november-december. Here are the nominated:

Budget restaurants
Ramen Ki-Mama, Birger Jarlsgatan 93A, Vasastan/Östermalm (asian noodles)
Råkultur, Kungstensgatan 2, Östermalm (sushirestaurant by guidemichelin restaurant Esperanto)
Thang Long Pho, Upplandsgatan 51, Vasastan (Vietnamese)

Mid price restaurants
Deville, Roslagsgatan 6, Vasastan/Östermalm (brasserie food, brunch)
Matvarufabriken, Idungatan 12 Vasastan(modern classic)
Seikoen, Tegelbacken 2, Norrmalm (Japanese)

Luxury restaurants
Frantzén-Lindeberg, Lilla Nygatan 21, Old Town
Mathias Dahlgren matsal, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6, Norrmalm
Pontus!, Brunnsgatan 1, Norrmalm/Östermalm

Kåken at Restaurant 1900, Regeringsgatan 66, Norrmalm
Story Hotel bar, Riddargatan 6, Norrmalm/Östermalm
Morfar Ginko, Swedenborgsgatan 13, Södermalm

Petite France, John Ericssonsgatan 6, Kungsholmen
Flickorna Helin & Voltaire, Rosendalsvägen 14, Djurgården
Gildas rum, Skånegatan 79, Södermalm

Grand opening of B.A.R

Went to the grand opening of a new restaurant, Blasieholmens Aquarium & Restaurant (B.A.R) yesterday. The guys behind one of the Michelin restaurants in Stockholm, Lux Stockholm, have opened a "down to earth  sea food restaurant close to Nationalmuseum and Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Top quality food to affordable prices is their concept. The environment has an industryfeel to it, almost like a foodhall, but exclusive in a simple way. The place was so crowded yesterday, which made it impossible to photograph...

The Blasieholmen (islet) has been a quiet corner of the city uptil now. Here are some other restaurants in the neighbourhood:
Mathias Dahlgren (opened 2008)
Hotel Lydmar restaurant (opened 2008)
Hotel Skeppsholmen restaurant (opened 2009)
Wedholms Fisk (exclusive fish restaurant)
Wallmans Salonger

Michelin restaurant Edsbacka is closing

Edsbacka Krog just outside Stockholm is closing in February, according to Dagens Nyheter. The restaurant has two Michelin stars.

Mini urban foodhall in SoFo

Images: Johanna Nilsson
A small urban foodhall has just opened in SoFo on Södermalm island. The new food hall has a really interesting concept. Its a restaurant, bar and foodhall all in one.

My colleague Johanna just loved the place because the entire food hall is one open space and you could sit there for a long time sipping on a glass of red and see people walking in and out of the Nytorget Urban Deli.

These kind of mini foodhall/ delis seems to be a new trend in Stockholm. Last week I enjoyed a lunch in Hammarby Sjöstad area in Stockholm at Fine Food deli and restaurant. Really nice

New restaurants in Stockholm

Images from: Djuret restaurant
Autumn is synonymous with new restaurants. Besides the seafood restaurant B.A.R  several interesting restaurants are opening this autumn - and some a bit earlier... All of them have a unique concept and are operated by renowned people.

La Vecchia Signora - an italian restaurant opens on Södermalm by the owner of the popular LoScudetto. Though the name sugests a soccer place for soccer, but the old lady is the name of sockerteam juventus from Turin. The food will be north italian. Address: Åsögatan 163, Södermalm

Buco Nero
- Caffè Nero is a renowned espressobar in Stockholm. Buco Nero, situated in a former car hall,  will be a cool urban food hall in a restaurant environment with. Address: Roslagsgatan 4, Norrmalm/Vasastan (opens nov/dec)

Tantra - Love and making love is in focus at this new indian restaurant. Red walls and erotic paintings on the wall will surely put you in the right mood. The owners already have a couple of popular indian restaurants. Address: Ringvägen 153, Södermalm (opens october)

Djuret - This small restaurant in Gamla Stan next to Guide Michelin restaurant Lejontornet serves food made by one type of meat at a time. The interior is done with a sense of humor. This is not a place for vegetarians. Djuret is swedish and means The Animal. Address: Lilla Nygatan 5, Gamla Stan

Högkvarteret - Headquarters (högkvarter) for Homo- bi- and queers but also a bar, gallery and restaurant. Address: Närkesgatan 8 Södermalm.

Cloud Nine - French colonial style food with inspiration from New Orleans as well as from Africa and the West Indies. Don't miss out on their amazing dessert room (dessertrummet). Read more here. Address: Lilla Bantorget/Torsgatan 1, City

La Neta - Mexican taqueria with real ambitions. Though its fastfood, its quality. Address: Barnhusgatan 2, City

MatMekka - Slow food, pure raw materials and products in a thrilling collision between Swedish tradition and world food signed by the swedish eco-chef Carola Magnusson is served at the Ethographical museum. The former museum restaurant Babajan got the eco-food-trend started in Stockholm. Babajan has moved. MatMekka moves in. Address: Ethnographical Museum, Djurgården.

Priceworhty Seafood restaurant

The people behind Lux Stockholm (one of the gourmet restaurants) are opening a new restaurant on November 6, 2009. They are also collaborating with the young and promising swedish designer Jens Fager plus the renowned gallery Gallery Pascale in Stockholm.

B.A.R (Blasieholmen Aquarium and Restaurant) will be an "Ocean Grill restaurant" focusing on top class quality in a "leisure environment" at "the best price in the city". The idea is that you choose your lobster or sea food from the aquarium and can then choose from a side order menu. They will also offer an "a-la-carte menu" with seafood and meat, a bar etc. Check out their english website

B.A.R opens on Blasieholmsgatan just behind Grand Hotel and Nationalmuseum. They will be able to seat some 120 people. B.A.R. is the third restaurant, directed by the two award-winning chefs and gastronomic visionars Henrik Norström and Peter Johansson.

Jens Fager has designed exclusive objects for Lux Stockholm. 25 plates (illustration above) and large bowls etcetera. A few of the objects will be for sale at Gallery Pascale 

Vurma café opens on Östermalm

The cosy atmosphere of Café Vurma has now reached the Östermalm area in Stockholm. Vurma is wellknown for their fantastic sandwiches and cosy atmosphere. Vurma started with a café on Södermalm and has thereafter expanded to now four cafés - one in each part of the city.

Read more about Vurma on Stockholmtown

Vurma Södermalm
Bergsundstrand 31

Vurma Kungsholmen
Polhemsgatan 15

Vurma Vasastan
Gästrikegatan 2

Vurma Östermalm
Birger Jarlsgatan 36

Of the beaten track - National city park cafées

Photo: Skafferiet/Allt om Stockholm

To live in a city with "real" nature around the corner is one of the blessings with living in Stockholm. I realized that when I went bicycling in the National City Park, by Bergianska Trädgården (Botanic garden), the other day. While cycling, its hard to imagine that the burstling city life is just some 5 minutes away. All you see is flowers, trees and water.

Next time Im bicycling here I will stop for a break at either Edvard Andersons conservatory and café in Bergianska Trädgården or at the idyllic Skafferiet café and restaurant at Stora Skuggan, where you can sit in the garden or on the loft next to a small zoo. Skafferiet is located on Stora Skuggans väg 38.

Restaurants of the beaten track

Delicious food and charming atmosphere is served att Fräcka Halvpannan, off the beaten track on the island of Södermalm just a couple of blocks away from SoFo. Tried it out a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it fully. This particular block offers at least four good restaurants and priceworthy

Matkultur + bar El mundo, Erstagatan 21 (food from all over the world in a restaurant with a local charm)
En ful och en gul, Erstagatan 22 (chinese an sishuan food)
Fräcka Halvpannan, Bondegatan 57 (serves classic food)

Spa bar opens at Clarion Sign

Hotel Clarion Sign opens a summer bar on the roof by Selma City Spa with a great view over the city area. Champagne, coctails and small courses will be served. The summer bar is open until end of august.

Two of the worlds best restaurants are in Stockholm

The international restaurant trade magazine Restaurant Magazine lists the top 50 restaurants in the world. Among them are two swedish restaurants - both of them in Stockholm: Oaxen Skärgårdskrog in the Stockholm Archipelago and Mathias Dahlgren restaurant. The newcommer Mathias Dahlgren restaurant, with 2 guide michelin stars, is ranked as number 50 and Oaxen Skärgårdskrog is ranked as nr 32.

 Mathias Dahlgren restaurant is also the best restaurant according to the Swedish White Guide. White guide lists Frantzén/Lindeberg as the restaurant with best food and bes service is found at Operakällaren. Proviant in Stockholm was recognized for being the restaurant near your heart.

New seafood restaurant at the waterfront

A city built on 14 islands surrounded by water must have great seafood. In november 2009 a Seafood Grill restaurant named B.A.R (Blasieholmen Aquarium & Restaurant) will open on a float in Nybroviken by Grand Hotel viewing the Strandvägen esplanade and the island of Djurgården. The restaurant, runned by the Michelin Star restaurant LuxStockholm, will serve top class fish and seafood from the fishmarket or from their private aquarium.

The restaurant  of 500 square metres will be a unique experience in itself with "floating boundaries between dining room and kitchen and floating boundaries in preparation, serving and presentation of the sea food", according to the press release. Well, Im looking forward seeing it!

9 Guide Michelin restaurants in Stockholm

The Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2009 have been released, giving Stockholm 2 restaurants with two stars and two new star restaurants. Here is the entire list:
- Mathias Dahlgren matsalen (two stars, had one before)
- Edsbacka krog (two stars)
- Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren (New star restaurant)
- Frantzén/Lindeberg (new star restaurant)
- Esperanto
- Fredsgatan 12
- Lux Stockholm
- Leijontornet
- Operakällaren

Stockholms best "semla"

Image: DN På Stan - Semla from Vetekatten
Almost as soon as christmas is over Swedes starts eating whipped cream buns. 5 Semlor (thats the name) per person is the average number of Semla-buns that a swede eat every year. The semla should be eaten on Fat Tuesday, but why only once a year?

DN På Stan lists the top cafées for a semla - and here is one recommendation from every corner of the city:
Vetekatten, Kungsgatan 55, City
Xoko, Rörstrandsgatan 15, Vasastan
Gunnarsons Specialkonditori, Götgatan 92, Södermalm
Tössebageriet, Karlavägen 77, Östermalm

This morning i recieved my first semla - from the semmelwinner Vetekatten. And I must say - it tasted delicious!

Read more about the semla tradition on

Time for tea

Picture: Chaikhana in Gamla Stan
Well, the cold weather calls for tea. Luckily Stockholm have some really great tea houses. Pamper yourself during your stay in Stockholm at these places:

Sturekatten - move back some hundred years back in time and enjoy a cup of tea in antique furniture and antique surroundings in the middle of the city. Riddargatan 4, östermalm.
Chaikhana - they really know how to make a good cup of tea at this place in Gamla Stan. They are specialized in tea and offer a wide range of top quality teas.
Classic Tea room - Typical brittish tea room in Scandinavia.
T-bar at Diplomat Hotel - Enjoy the water view from this exclusive hotel on Strandvägen.

Chef of the year works in Stockholm

The Chef of the year
competition in Sweden became a double victory for Stockholm and for the gourmet restaurant F12. Viktor Westerlind was named "Årets Kock 2009" (Chef of The Year) followed by Christoffer Ekman, both of them working at F12 in Stockholm.

Restaurants and changes

Photo: Vassa Eggen
New year new changes and new restaurant. The trend this year is to change concept or change the address.

The trendy and popular fine dining restaurant Vassa Eggen will close and the owners will open a grill barbeque restaurant on the same address, Birger Jarlsgatan 29, during the spring. The trendy bar at Hotel Reisen is also changing its image. They will open their new "Bakbaren" soon with a loungier and softer atmosphere. 

The Hotel Stureplan on Birger Jarlsgatan 24 will host the fine dining italian restaurant Per Lei from now on. Another restaurant move is the vegetarian restaurant Babajan which has been a popular restaurant at the Etnografiska museetBabajan will open in mid february on Katarina Bangata, Södermalm.  

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