Stay over night in a jumbojet


Swedes are said to be humoristic and innovative when it comes to design. Judge for your self. I think the idea to turn a boing 747 into a youth hostel is certainly both fun and creative idea - and its also a great way to recycle. The Jumbo hostel will hopefully open in May 2008 in Uppsala according to Expressen. The plane will be located close to Arlanda Airport by Radisson SAS Arlandia Hotel on road 273. The hotel is not connected to the hotel.

Other unusual places you can stay in Stockholm is: the full rigged ship af Chapman and the old prison on Långholmen.

Postat av: Louise

This is such a crazy idea - and fun as well/Louise

2007-12-20 @ 17:55:31
Postat av: Stockholmtownbloggen

Louise: I couldn't believe it at first myself, when I read about it.

2007-12-20 @ 17:57:43

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