Jumbohostel opens in december

The Jumbohostel at Arlanda Airport opens in december. A former Jumbojet have been transformed into a hostel. They offer different categories of rooms ranging from, loungeseat-beds, rooms with three beds and shower/toilett in the hallway or the luxury suite in the former cock pit with panorama view over Arlanda Airport. Prices ranging from 200-300 SEK.

You are welcome to the hostel even though you are not staying there. Eat lunch or take a coffee at the cafe or enjoy the view from the left wing of the aircraft

Two new galleries in the Hudiksvallsgatan area

Andreas Eriksson, Foto med grenar och snömålning 2008

Photo: Galleri Flach + Thulin, Andreas Eriksson photo
The block around Hudiksvallsgatan-street in Vasastan attracts more and more art galleries. The latest additions are Galleri Flach + Thulin and Galleri Andersson Sandström, Hälsingegatan 43, in the corner Hudiksvallsgatan and Hälsingegatan. A great list of art galleries are found here

New eco-grocery store

Matdistriktet (food district) is the name of a new ecologic grocery store in the city centre area on Rådmansgatan 57. The food sold at Matdistriktet is ecologic, locally produced from small scale farmers.

New hotel at Skavsta Airport

Photo: The Lobby, Standard room at Connect Skavsta
The Connect Hotel
group are opening their third hotel. This time at Skavsta Airport on September 10. This will be the first hotel with in the Skavsta Airport area offering accommodation in several categories - from sk "Quick Sleep"-rooms, comfortable family rooms or business rooms. Just as the hotel at Arlanda Airport, the new hotel is runned with sun-cells and other eco-friendly ways.

The three connect hotels are Connect Hotel Arlanda Airport, Stockholm International Fair and now Skavsta Airport

Sophisticated fashion at PUB dept store

Photo: PUB
Stockholms oldest departmentstore, PUB, is undergoing a change into a trendy lifestyle store. PUB 03, also named the studio, opened in december last year with trendy trendy clothes from designers all over the world, some vintage and an art gallery. During this weekend the next floor, PUB 02 also named the Salon,  will be inaugurated filled with sophisticated fashion for men and women.

New event arena by Globen Arenas on its way

Stockholm is now one step closer towards a new sport and event arena by Globen Arenas in the southern part of Stockholm. The municipal executive board (Kommunstyrelsen) decided to support the plans for the 30 000 spectator multiarena.

Vassa Eggens deli and bakery

One of Stockholms top of the line restaurants Vassa Eggen have just opened a deli and bakery on Skeppsbron in Gamla Stan. According to Vassa Eggen the Albert & Jacks deli and bakery is like a small quality food hall with lunches and breakfast. The first Albert & Jacks opened on Engelbrektsgatan 3, close to the Vassa Eggen restaurant and the new is located on Skeppsbron 24

New Eco guide to Stockholm

The new Ekosthlm guide to ecologic cafees and shopping in Stockholm have just been updated. Even though its in swedish its a great researchtool. You find restaurants such as gourmet chef Mathias Dahlgrens top of the line restaurant as well as Babajan, the lunchrestaurant at Etnographic museum, and the well known Rosendals Trädgårdskafé in the selection.

Spa-meetings at Stallmästaregården

Relax in the new spa environment after a busy day with meetings at the Stallmästaregården-hotel. The hotel collaborates with the newly opened Planet Fitness Spa close by.

Stallmästaregården hotel is beautifully situated by Brunnsviken lake in the Ecopark in Stockholm city. Its a personal charming hotel, with a great restaurant and good meeting facilities and is a countryside hotel ten minutes away from the central station.

Archipelago touristoffice open in the city


Visit Skärgården
opened its tourist and ticket sale office on Strandvägen in central Stockholm this evening. At the same time they launched their new website where you can find info about som 30 islands, where to stay, where to eat and what to do. The site lanched today in Swedish, but will be available in english during September.

Visit Skärgården aims to open the archipelago for tourists all year around. You can book your stay in the archipelago on the website.

Formex - design magazine and fair

The popular Formex designfair have started a webb-based inspiration magazine named Re:form Magazine. The magazine is a digital multimedia magazine with a shopping, dining and sightseeing lists in Stockholm. The magazine is a real inspiration and I am already a subscriber to the free magazine.

Swedish design online

How about some swedish contemporary or vintage design on the table, for dinner on the kids or on you or your friends? A new website - Swedish details - sells swedish products online. The webpage is all yellow, and its quite difficult to read the blue text, but if you look closer you can actually find some nice products, such as the crown necklace from Skultuna.

View on Swedish fashion

The daily City Newspaper featured an interview with Diane Pernet, legendary fashionjournalist writing for Vogue, Elle magazine and her own blog "a shaded view on fashion" yesterday (aug 14) about swedish fashiondesigners. Here are an extract of the interview.

"Sweden is a small country. How well do we stand in the competition to well established fashion cities such as Milan and Paris?

-  Scandinavian countries have been rising during the past few years. The fashion weeks in Stockholm and Copenhagen has been bubbeling with energy. During my last time in Stockholm I discovered SandraBacklund, who is now one of my absolute favorites. So there is no question of doubt that individual designers in Sweden are on the same level as in Italy for example. But I have noticed something with swedish designers - they want to do everything by themselves and take controll, but when you do that you cant grow as a company.

What distinguishes swedish fashion?

- It is modern rather than nostalgic. You can sense that the fashion industry is something relatively new in Sweden, and that designers just recently really dares to express themselves."

According to Dagens Nyheter the swedish fabrics- and clothing export is reaching new record levels. Teko announced last week that the fashionexport represented 5,2 billion SEK of the total export of 9,1 billion SEK the first six months 2008. During 2007 the etotal export was 17 billion SEK of which half was the fashion industry.

Low price airlines to Arlanda Airport

Stockholms main international airport have three-doubled the number of low-price airlines during the past five years. This autumn a new airline, EasyJet, will start to fly to Arlanda from Geneva and Milan Malpensa.

Crayfish season at Stockholm restaurants

Photo: Cornelia Nordström/Scanpix

The traditional Crayfish premiere takes place August 8 all over Sweden and also in Stockholm. Mid August is a time when Swedes invites or get invited to crayfishparties. Swedish Crayfish are boiled with dill and salt which gives them great taste. The typical swedish crayfish party includes "knäckebröd" (crisp bread), cheese and with "snaps" (dram) and beer to go with it. And yes, swedes do wear those hats and sing songs during their Crayfish party

Why not try eating crayfish the swedish way on your visit in Stockholm.
Ulriksdals Wärdshus serves swedish crayfish and smörgåsbord all august - monday to friday during the evenings.
Grands Veranda  serves crayfish from thursday August 14-24

Life on an archipelago island

Photo: Stockholm Archipelago flikr
Curious about how life is on one of the 30 000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago? Then you can read about Lill and Per Schierman and their four children who are permanent residents on the Hjälmö island in the Stockholm Archipelago here.

Sustainable Hammarby Sjöstad

Photo: Flikr
Under its lush surface this residential waterside area Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm hides a number of innovative sustainable solutions. The "Hammarby model" has become a tool for environmentally friendly city development around the world. Read all about it at Sweden.se

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