Nordic light hotel refurbishment


Photo: Nordic Light Hotel
The amazing design hotel Nordic Light have started a long term cooperation with Philips. The launch of "Prototype Room 602" is the first stage of a long-term cooperation agreement between the Nordic Light Hotel and Philips. The objective of "Prototype Room 602" is to create a room where the combination of Swedish design, light research and state-of-the-art technology together form the hotel room of the future.  

All three aspects contribute to a complete solution to the demands the future will place on hotel guests. Simplicity is the keyword for the entire project. The result is a holistic experience of first-class design, well thought-out functionality and superior technology that render the guest's stay both comfortable and simple. The next stage is to implement the solutions developed in the prototype room into all hotel rooms.  Among the technologic installations will be the latest philips products: homemovie system, remotecontrol with a touch screen, Dect-telephone and latest LCD tv, photoframe etcetera.  


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