Culture Festival program in english

200 unique acts, 500 program-slots. 99% is free of charge, so fix up your culture-cravings with a dose of the festival. Six days in streets, on squares and stages. Everything from Swedish folk-music to international Gospel, children's stories, photography, the circus and performances. You name it and it will most certainly be in the program. Read more in the program .

Europride in Stockholm

All innercity busses, hotels, cafées, restaurants and shops carry rainbow-flags and the Stockholm Tourist Centre features an exhibition with info about the on going Europride festival. The main events take place at the PridePark and the PrideHouse and during the PrideParade. See the programme here

Stockholm is no longer expensive

According to Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living index, Stockholm is no longer an expensive city. Stockholm lands in place nr 31. Top three are Moscow, Tokyo and London. Oslo is the 4th expensive place to live in according to the index, Copenhagen the 7th and Helsinki the 21st place.  

Here are some tips on how to save money as a tourist in Stockholm.

Attractions: We have several big attractions in the city that are free to visit.

The Stockholm City Museum, the Culture house of Stockholm - Kulturhuset and Liljevalchs Art Gallery. And last but not least: one of the main attractions of the City is free of charge: Gamla stan (the Old town). It has also become a tradition with photo exhibitions at Raoul Wallenbergs Square. Right now an exhibition named Rites of Life

For more culture attractions I would like to recommend Åmells fine art dealers. There exhibitions are always free of charge. Galleries around Hudiksvallsgatan is also free of charge.

Sightseeing- Instead of a guided buss tour, you can by the Stockholm Card (you got the brochure-the little green book) which gives you free entrance to 75 museums and attractions in the city, free access to the public transportation, free boat sightseeing on several tours and other free  offerings.

We can offer two attractions with free entrance that are on the Unesco World Heritage list. The Woodland cemetary Skogskyrkogården and the beautiful gardens outside the Drottningholm Palace. (Stockholm Card lets you in to the palace for free)

The subway in Stockholm is said to be the world's longest art exhibition. It is 110 kilometres long and 90 of the 100 subway stations are decorated in different ways.

In the summertime, Stockholm offers several different places where you can swim and enjoy the sun. Please look at

An easy and environmental way to get around in the city is to rent a bike. Why not explore the National City park on bike

Eating out: Several restaurants have cheaper lunchprices (Dagens Lunch)  So do as the Swedes eat your main meal for lunch. Hötorgshallen food hall is a great place to go for a cheap take away lunch.

New webpage at Woodland Cemetary

Susanne Hallman

photo: Susanne Hallmann, Kyrkogårdsförvaltningen Stockholms stad
The beautiful Unesco World Heritage Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetery, in Stockholm have a new webpage in Swedish. Soon soon it will be published in english as well - which is great.

New Design gallery

Photo: Bea Szenfeld design
Got a preview of Designgalleriet, a new must see, that I have written about before. It will open August 14 and will feature two exhibitions every month.
- Trends in design are often shown for an exclusive group and not to the general public. Our ambition with Designgalleriet is to bring the fun and creative design in a broad spectrum to the design interested public, says Stefan Nilsson. And our goal to be on the top-five must see attractions in Stockholm.  The small gallery is situated on Odengatan 21 (on the corner of Birger Jarlsgatan). The Exhibition programme is ambitious:

  • Aug 14 - 23: Bea Szenfeld - creative young vintage fashion designer
  • Aug 27 - Sept 3: Beefeater Design Challenge 2008 - 10 Swedish designers compete. Products by Form Us With Love, Sebastian Kjersén, Oscar Magnuson, Susanne Beskow, Folkform och designtrion Jantze, Brogård och Asshoff.
  • Sep 4 - 14: Formex Formidable - The Formex fair is the largest and leading trade fair in the Nordic countries specialising in furnishings, design and gift articles. This exhibition will be open to the public.
  • Sept 17-27: Stora Designpriset - A Design price for industrial design. The winners will be shown here.
  • Oct 1-11: Lisa Bengtsson - young graphic designer shows her patterns and design
  • Oct 15-25:  Monica Förster - One of Swedens foremost designers, shows photos, protoypes and memories.
  • Oct 29 - Nov 8: Jantze Brogård Asshoff - Designgroup showing "room for eating" new creative products for the diningroom.
  • Nov 12 - 22: Ulrika Mårtensson & Margot Barolo - two innovative and well respected designers will show innovative textile design at the gallery.
  • Dec 10-20 Japanese design

New hotel in new Arenastaden

A new large hotel will be built in the so called Arenastaden in Solna, by the new eventarena. The new hotel will be runned by Quality Hotel/Choice Group. The hotel will have 400 double rooms and a banquet hall for 2000 guisets. The hotell will be integrated with the new Swedbank Arena and the new Mall of Scandinavia. The hotel will open at the same time as the arena, that is in 2012. The new hotel will include a skybar on top of the 90 meter high building, conference areas, restaurants and a spa.

Gourmet in the archipelago

Photo: Oaxen Skärgårdskrog
The buses in Stockholm are on strike - so why not take the boat to the archipelago instead. There are plenty of great restaurants in the archipelago. This weekend SVD lists some of the gourmet restaurants in the archipelago inspired by the swedish gourmet guide: White Guide.

Central Archipelago
Blidö Wärdshus, Blidö
Finnhamns Krog, Ingmarsö
Fjäderholmarnas Krog, Fjäderholmarna
Grinda Wärdshus, Grinda
Möja Krog, Möja
Nämndö kök och bar, Nämndö
Sandhamns Värdshus, Sandhamn, Sandön
Svartsö Herrgårdspensionat, Svartsö

Southern Archipelago
Gålö Hus, Gålö. Phone: +46 (0)8 500 331 20
Nåttarö krog, Nåttarö. Phone: +46(0) 8 520 400 96
Oaxen Skärgårdskrog, Hålö
Rånö krog, Rånö.
Smådalarö Gård,  Dalarö
Utö värdshus, Utö

Northern Archipelago
Fejans krog, Gräddö Island

Hotel for dogs

Photo: jalle
First Hotel Amaranten
and First Hotel Reisen in Stockholm are the first in Sweden with hotel rooms adjusted for dogs according to TravelNews. Their new concept, "It's not just a dog" will make life easier for dogs and dogowners during their stay at the hotel. A designed goodie-box with dog-related items and extra cleaning is included in the stay..

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