Two photo exhibitions on Raoul Wallenberg square

There will be two photoexhibitions with swedes at Raoul Wallenberg square in Stockholm this summer. In June-July with Mattias Edwall and in August-September with Anders Ryman

  1. The Photographic museum shows photos taken by one of Swedens foremost photographers Mattias Edwall. He has worked with the swedish avant garde circus Cirkus Cirkör for more than a decade and will show his fun and unexpected pictures from now until end of July. (Top photo)
  2. The amazing photo exhibition "Rites of Life" by the swedish photographer and writer Anders Ryman which shows ceremonies, rites and rituals from birth to death all over the world. Amazing photos from 20 cultures during 7 years of travel will be at display on Raoul Wallenbergs square and free of charge. The exhibition is a part of the Culture festival and opens August 5 and will be at the square until end of September. (bottom photo)


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