World Travel Awards nominates Stockholm

Stockholm have been nominated in four categories for the World Travel Award.

Several Stockholm hotels are found on the Swedens best list as well.

Swedens best Boutique Hotel (Four out of four nominees from Stockholm)
Berns Hotel, Elite Plaza Hotel, Hotel J Nacka Strand, Nordic Light Hotel

Swedens best Business Hotel (Four out of five nominees from Stockholm)
Grand Hotel Stockholm, Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel, Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm, Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

Swedens leading hotel (Four out of five nominees from Stockholm)
Grand Hotel Stockholm, Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel, Krägga Herrgårdar, Victory Hotel

Millennium experience at Sheraton Stockholm

Photos from Sheraton

If you read the Millennium triology or maybee seen the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" lately and is curious about Stockholm, then you just have to stay at Sheraton Stockholm. They are now offering a Millennium package, which includes:

An attractive Millennium Trilogy Guide Book with focus on Södermalm area which helps take you on a themed tour of Stockholm and includes a map with all addresses.

A free coffee break at Mellqvist Kaffebar. Often visited by the characters of the books

Accommodation for two at Sheraton Stockholm Hotel, Harriet Vanger and Mikael Blomkvists preferred hide-away.

Full Buffet Breakfast to kick-start your adventure.

Package rates from only SEK 1590, valid through August 31st, 2009.

Read more about Millennium in Stockholm here

Ryanair opens new route from Memmingen

Ryanair opens a new route from Memmingen, close to Munchen in the southern regions of Germany, to Stockholm-Skavsta Airport. The new route opens October 25 with four departures every week.

Qatar Airways increases number of flights

Qatar Airways will increase the number of flights from Doha to Stockholm according to Flygtorget. Starting October 25 Qatar Airways will have 5 departures from Doha every week.

Archipelago trip to Sandhamn

We left the office and took a daytrip to Sandhamn. The small village of Sandhamn is a popular destination in the archipelago. It is the key meeting place for sailers (and during the Volvo Ocean Race) , a popular destination for a daytrip - the beach Trouville, for activities and to stay for a weekend. Mikael Blomqvist, the main caracter of  author Stieg Larssons Milennium triology (Girl with the dragon tatoo) have a summer house on Sandhamn.

We took the Cinderella boat from Strandvägen at 0930 and landed on Sandhamn just in time for lunch on Seglarhotellet at noon and left for the city at 14.45 with Waxholmsbolaget to Stavsnäs and then bus to the city. Another alternative is to take the Strömma Canal Tour to Stockholm.

Here is our itinery....

We started with lunch on Seglarhotellet in Sandhamn

...and met up with Sandhamnsguiderna.
You can rent bikes, fishing-gear, sea-kajaks, trimarans and go on a Rib-boat from Sandhamnsguiderna. 
They also offer guided fishing trips, clay pigeon shooting and unique trips to the
Grönskär island,
 where you can stay in the lighthouse-cabin.
Sandhamnsguiderna can also show you all locations connected to the Millennium books.
We will come back to explore Grönskär...

Picturesque and narrow gravel paths

Sandhamns Värdshus (inn) has a nice outdoor restaurant during the summer. The indoor restaurant has a warm an maritime look to it - with a view of the sea - of course.
The popular
Dykarbaren bar is also worth visiting well as the Strindbergsgården café (which was closed) and
Sandhamnsbakery known for their Sandhamnslimpa (loaf of bread).

Pressdepartment at Stockholm Visitors Board enjoying icecream in the sun.

Cruise center opens next season

Stockholm is an attractive cruise destination. Aproximately 400 000 cruisepassengers is expected to Stockholm during the season of 2009. In 2008 a new cruise terminal opened in the Frihamnen port and in 2010 Stadsgården port will open a cruise center, located in Stora Tullhuset according to Dagens Nyheter.

Stora Tullhuset will also include a Photomuseum and a restaurant. One of Swedens most wellrenowned architects, Ferdinand Boberg stands behind the building. He is also the architect of Thielska Galleriet, Waldemarsudde and the departmentstore NK in Stockholm. Does the name Stora Tullhuset sound familiar? Yes, it was originally supposed to be the home of an ABBA-museum.Read more about the ABBAmuseum, ABBA World here

Read more about Cruise in Stockholm at Stockholmtownblog, Stockholm Cruise Network and the Stockholm Cruiseblog

Photomuseum opens in Stockholm

Photo: Dagens Nyheter, Caroline Tibell

"It will be a permanent place for world class photography, domestic and international photos at their best", says the webpage of the Photomuseum, which will open in Stockholm in June 2010. The location will be Stora Tullhuset on Stadsgården, Slussen, in between Gamla Stan and Södermalm, according to Dagens Nyheter. Rumors say that Albert Watson will exhibit in the new photomuseum in december next year. Details about the photomuseum will be launched in august. The building will also include a restaurant and a cruise center.

One of Swedens most wellrenowned architects, Ferdinand Boberg stands behind the building. He is also the architect of Thielska Galleriet, Waldemarsudde and the departmentstore NK in Stockholm. Does the name Stora Tullhuset sound familiar? Yes, it was originally supposed to be the home of an ABBA-museum.
Read more about the ABBAmuseum, ABBA World here

New design shop for trendy

Photo: Classic Living

Classic Living
is the name of a new design shop on Eastmansvägen 15 next to Vasaparken-park in Vasastan area. The shop focuses on interior design for trendy people interested in quality rather than quantity.

Stockholm with a wheelchair

- I spend such great days and I can recommend this wonderful town . It is perfect for disabled people and there is so much to see. I am sure I will come back soon to see the rest for all the places I had not the time to see it know, says

Christine Jakl-Hussmann who did sightseeing in Stockholm from a wheelchair. Here is her report:

  • Stockholm-Arlanda Airport - everything was perfect, toilets, lifts
  • Arlanda Express - easy to find, no problem to get in and out
  • Tunnelbana - I only tried it on one day. On T-Centralen and Gullmarsplan there were elevators dirty and really bad smelling
  • Inner City - very easy to do, nearly every pedestrian-crossing is sloped
  • Drottingholm Palace - I went there by boat. The Palace was not possible to make, so I visit the beautiful garden and the theatre. The three steps to get in, I have to use a little ramp.
  • Skansen - a train brought me up. Most of the time it was difficult for me to drive alone, you need somebody for help going around
  • Vasa Museum - perfect with lifts, toilets, electric door-opener and a lot of car park for handicapped
  • Boats hop on - hop off - I liked it very much and used it a few times. Easy to get in and standing outside on the platform
  • Aquarium - easy to reach without a problem
  • Dancemuseum - lift, everything perfect
  • Dramaten royal theatre - side entrance and lift
Stockholm has a great accessibility guide concerning libraries, cinemas, concert halls, art galleries,museums and theatres in Stockholm. The guide provides details of accessibility for four different types of disability: mobility, sight, hearing and - to some extent - allergies.

Mobile touristguide on memory card

Stockholm is the first city that offer tourists an audio guide on a memory card for cell phones.

The TalkofTheTown guide uses the phone's music player. Therefore the tourists from abroad will not have to pay expensive roaming charges when using the guide.
- Leave the bulky guidebook at the hotel and take a break from sightseeing anytime, says the initiator Göran Derefelt.

The memory card includes an audio guide with 56 of the best sights in Stockholm. When the card is inserted, the guide automatically shows in the phone's music player. The 56 sights ar spread over the old town Gamla Stan, City, Södermalm, the island of Djurgården and the Drottningholm Palace.

- All stories are packed with historical facts and sprinkled with anecdotes, says the initiator Göran Derefeldt. The facts have been written by some of Swedens most wellknown historians and is read by professional narrators.

Each audioguide number is aproximately 3 minutes long and available in Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. The Talk of the Town card costs 125 SEK per day to rent, and is available at several hostels, hotels and bicyclerentals.

Report from an archipelago tour

One of our interns, Johan age 20+, have explored the city of Stockholm for us.Last week he explored the Archipelago. So here is a short version of his report.
- The day started with some research, but in the end it was not a difficult decission; the racer boat (The Archipelago Race)  was an obvious choice. Why go by a traditional boat in 10 km/h when you can explore it in 50 km/h?, says Johan

After a calm start the boat went passed Fjäderholmarna islands, under the bridge by Ropsten and around the island of Lidingö and returned back to the Grand Hotel. 

 - Finaly we travelled in a furious pace out in the archipelago, and as soon as a window had been opened and the captain had stepped on it, I couldnt stop enjoying the ride, esplaines Johan

 - You don't have to travel very far in order to enjoy the nice nature that Stockholm offfers. During the entire tour I enjoyed the nice houses and scenery. I have never seen such lovely houses in my entire life. One of them had a glass facade from ceiling to the floor on a hill. Imagine watching tv and see the ocean right under your feet at the same time?, explains Johan. The guide was very good and she had a nice and interesting way of telling a good story. I learned a great deal.

The Archipelago Race takes 1,45 hours and starts from Strömkajen by the Grand Hotel.

Autumn programme at the design gallery

The Design Gallery, Designgalleriet, opened one year ago and has become a  favorite among design interested Stockholmers. Engaging and inspiring design is on display at Designgalleriet - everything from fashion, interior design and handicrafts to graphic design. An ambitious exhibition schedule allows room for both young up-and-coming designers and established designers as well. This upcomming autumn the Designgalleriet will be filled with young fashion, photo, product design and architecture.


  • 13 - 29 augusti  - "Best of Rookies" In conjunction with Stockholm Fashion Week the best of the young fashion sweden will be desplayed. The three nominees for "rookie of the year 2009": Farzan Esfahani, Matilda Wendelboe and Patouf will be on display
  • 3 - 12 septemberKonstfack, Beckmans and Philips: "In the light with Philips". A collaboration with the two artschools Konstfack and Beckmans and a light consultant at Philips lighting.
  • 16 - 19 september -  ExtraFilm & DEMO Magazine shops ExtraFilm Photo Designer Award 2009. The five finalists on display at Designgalleriet.
  • 1 oktober - 17 oktober - "Gender Bender" is an exhibition on design and feminism
  • 29 oktober - 14 november - OlssonLyckefors "Realisation - hundra arkitekturidéer till salu" about one hundred ideas for building a house. 
  • 19 november - 28 november - Jarl Ferneaus. A young interesting product designer with a clear idea on form and concept.
  • 1 - 22 December Designgalleriets Julmarknad (christmasmarket) Daniel Charny, curator at the Aram Gallery in London chooses the 24 best christmasgifts of the participating christmasmarkets.

Placido Domingo recieves new swedish opera award

The first-ever Birgit Nilsson Prize Award Ceremony will take place in the Royal Swedish Opera on 13 October 2009. H.M. King Carl Gustaf will personally hand over the Birgit Nilsson Prize to the designated winner Plácido Domingo in Stockholm.

The award ceremony is also open to the public. Ticket sales start 4 August 2009

Stockholm is no longer expensive

Scandinavian cities are known for being expensive. This is no longer true for Stockholm. Mercers latest Cost of Living Index lists Tokyo and Moscow as the most expensive cities in the world. Stockholm is not even found on the top 50 list. Copenhagen is the seventh most expensive city, followed by Oslo is number 14 and Helsinki 19.

Sheraton Stockholm labelled with the ecoswan

Sheraton Stockholm has been labelled with the Swedish sustainability label "Svanen". [link in swedish] The five star hotel has 465 rooms centrally located in Stockholm City.

New record for the Vasamuseum

One of Stockholms foremost attractions, the Vasamuseum, reaches a new visitors record.  257 000 visitors have visited the museum during the first six months, which is 3 percent more than the same period last year.

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