Contemporary Luxury Design Hotel opens

On December 1 the new Contemporary Luxury Design Hotel, Hotel Nobis, will open on one of the best addresses in the city, Norrmalmstorg Square. The Hotel is designed by the swedish trio; Claesson, Koivisto, Rune (CKR) and will be a member of the organization Design Hotels. The Hotel is situated in a beautiful house and will also have an italian restaurant and a diner, named 24/7 and will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The owners, Nobis Group already have two design hotels: Hotel Skeppsholmen (also by CKR) and Hotel J.

Low budget hotels opens in Stockholm

Image: Omena Hotels

Finnish hotel chain Omena Hotels are building a hotel in Stockholm City. The hotel will be in a former Tradeunion building on Torsgatan. The new hotell will have 200 rooms and will open in the beginning of 2012 according to Dagens Industri.

If you are looking for a budget alternative, you don't have to wait too long. In a couple of weeks the Low budget chain Connect Hotels will open a new hotel in Stockholm City.

New terminal building

Ports of Stockholm
are building a new terminal building in Värtahamnen harbor. The New terminal is designed by Arkitektfirmaet CF Möller/Berg Architects.

The terminal will be a part of the new Stockholm Royal Seaport district - 2,36 square kilometers area with 10 000 new apartments and 30 000 work spaces. One of the first steps in this project is to expand Värtapiren, which can begin as soon as all permits are ready. The expansion includes a total of 84 000 sq.m. new land where, among other things, Ports of Stockholm is building a modern and efficient terminal building.

Limited tourist service due to move

On 2 September at 09:00 we open up the doors to northern Europe's most modern tourist office, in Vasagatan 14, across from Central Station! Until then we will have limited service.

Limited service
Between August 26 and 30 August, the tourist office in the Sweden House will be open, but the service will be limited. Service counters are moved to the so-called "event area" by the entrance from Kungsträdgården from 26 August.

The Tourist office closes on August 30th at 15:00 and will be closed on August 31 and September 1 as well.

Reopens September 2.
The new Stockholm Tourist Center opens on Vasagatan 14 on September 2 at 09:00


Cardiology congress in Stockholm

This upcoming weekend is like no other. The European Society of Cardiology is holding their congress with some 20 000 participants from the 28 of August to September 1 at Stockholm International Fairs.

Scandinavian design in the Sweden House

The Sweden House on Hamngatan will be the new center of Scandinavian Design in Stockholm. Illums Bolighus is moving in to the Sweden House in October  accross the street from the departmentstore NK.
Photo: Henning Koppel by Georg Jensen

Swedish design at new tram stations

The Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin and Rosenbergs Arkitekter förslag till nya spårvagnspaviljonger i Stockholm have designed the new tram-stations. The proposed tram-pavilions flirts with the present as well as by early 1900-century art deco as well as with the green plants and suggested colors.

"I wanted to do something that was rooted in Stockholm in terms of details, materials and history, yet contemporary," explains Jonas Bohlin in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The pavilions are transparent with gray-green ribbons and brass details and wood.  On the curved roof they will plant roof plants that will change color as the seasons.

The new tram line, nr 7,  started on august 24.

Three gourmet restaurants in the Archipelago

The swedish gourmet magazine Gourmet lists their three unknown favorite islands in the archipelago to go for something to eat.

Fejans Skärgårdskrog (for the gourmet)
Sjöbloms fisk (small scale)

Skansholmen (photo)
Skansholmens sjökrog (for the gourmet)
Solberga Gård, Runnmarö island (small scale near by)

Finnhamns Café och Krog (gourmet)
Hjälmö Lantbruk (small scale nearby)
Idholmens Gård (small scale nearby)

Fashion night in the city centre

For the second time the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands arranges Fashion Night. The evening is a celebration of fashion and a perfect way to conclude the Fashion Week. The designer stores around Norrmalmstorg, Stureplan and Biblioteksgatan are open for late-night shopping (until 22.00). meet designers and dry on the new autumn collections...

Acne, Norrmalmstorg
Boomerang, Norrlandsgatan 3
Byredo, Mäster Samuelsgatan 6
DesignHouse Stockholm, Smålandsgatan 11
Excellent shoes, jakobsbergsgatan 11
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Mäster Samuelsgatan 2
Filippa K, Biblioteksgatan 21
Gant, Birger Jarlsgatan 15
Gertrude Bed and Bath, Smålandsgatan 16
Götrich, Mäster Samuelsgatan 3
Hope, Norrlandsgatan 12 (image above)
J.Lindeberg, Biblioteksgatan 6
Kiel's, Mäster Samuelsgatan 5
malene Birger, Biblioteksgatan 12
Marimekko, Norrmalmstorg 4
maruschka de Margó, Birger jarlsgatan 7
Odd Molly, Humlegårdsgatan 13
Rizzo, Biblioteksgatan 9
Rodebjer, Jakobsbergsgatan 6
SAND, Biblioteksgatan 4
Thomas Sabo, Biblioteksgatan 5
Whyred, Mäster Samuelsgatan 3
WESC, Jakobsbergsgatan 6
Woolrich, Stureplan 6

Where to get those tight pants

"It's Fashion Week in Stockholm! And when you think of Swedish fashion you might think of really, really tight jeans. Lately this formfitted garment has become as much a national symbol as meatballs, clogs and Ingmar Bergman. Here are a few places where you can find a pair for yourself! Wear them or keep them as a souvenir" writes the editor of Stockholmtown and lists the best places to shop.

Photo: Jens Assur

Rooney Mara will play Lisbeth Salander

The american actress Rooney Mara will play the leading female role, Lisbet Salander, in the Hollywood film version of Stieg Larssons book  The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo.

More on Millennium

Best places for male fashion

Ill keep to the fashiontheme today. The Canadian magazine think that Stockholm has
the best dressed men in the world and mailed me wondering why. And where swedish men go to get their style. I consulted who is specialized in exclusive line of mens wear.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (formerly Fashion Week by Berns)
 in Stockholm kicks off today, and over the next three days, a record number of participants will be showcasing the very best of Swedish fashion. The week is expected to attract big international media names, such as Italian Vogue, British Elle, and, but will not only be covered by a large international press corps − some of the world's leading fashion bloggers and buyers will be attending, too. (photo: Nina Jarebrink who is showing at Berns)

Swedish fashion exports were one of the few industry sectors to report growth last year, and during the first quarter of this year alone, clothing exports rose by 7 per cent in comparison with the corresponding period last year. The international interest is also reflected in this season's confirmed guest list, which includes not only the above-mentioned titles, but names such as Cover from Denmark, Elle from Norway and Maxi from Germany.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm starts on 16th August and ends on 18th August. Berns Salonger will continue to organise the week in partnership with ASFB, and several of the shows will be held in Stora Salongen at Berns and in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Pavilion in Kungsträdgården. 

Stockholm Fashion Week, mainly for buyers of fashion including the cotton fair and Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair, takes place during the same period.

Culture festival starts today!

In August every year the heart of Stockholm pulsates with a vibrant combination of culture and festivities. It’s time for the Cultural Festival of Stockholm! Since its launch in 2006 the festival has quickly become a regular event and a great success among both Stockholm residents and visitors.

With their high quality, easy accessibility, innovation, breadth and variety, the 500 items on the programme attract about 300,000 visits annually.

The city’s streets and squares host a dynamic blend of music and entertainment: world music, jazz, opera, classical music, pop, rock, soul, standup comedy, children & family events, authors, street art, drama, the world’s biggest book table, city walks, film, art, dance,...

Photo: Karin Nilsson/Kulturfestivalen

Good to mother nature

Sanna Gebeyehu is a talented fashion stylist that I know from my job. On her eco-friendly website, Rekostylisterna*, she lists some of the best sustainable places to shop in Stockholm (and I added one more):

Ekovaruhuset (House of Organic), Österlånggatan 28, Gamla Stan (image above)
Clothes from several sustainable brands all over the world, among them their own House of Organic.

RosendalsTrädgård, Djurgården
Rosendal's Garden is an open garden, with the main purpose of presenting biodynamic (organic) garden cultivation to the general public. Café, garden, bakery.

Saltå Kvarn, Järna (south of Stockholm)
Ecofriendly groceries in retro style packages.

Blueberry, NK, Regeringsgatan,
A wide range of nutritious goodies for the responsible person.

Reko* is swedish and means okay/good. The term was popular in the 70s and in swedish its playing with the meaning Retro-eco-good.

August and time for Crayfish

Photo: Allt om mat
Swedes must love their food, because all swedish holidays and traditions are connected to some special food. Midsummer has its herring (sill) and August has its Crayfish parties. As a visitor in Stockholm it might be tricky to get invited to a private Crayfish party, but several restaurants offers crayfish the swedish way - salty with a hint of dill...

Other resources
Restaurants: Stockholmtown lists some restaurants that offer crayfish on the menue in August.
Backgroundstory: has a great article on the crayfish party

444 000 visited Stockholmtown in July

Stockholmtown, the official visitors guide of Stockholm, reached more than 444 000 unique visitors in July.

Sucessfull event weekend in Stockholm

Photo: Micke Sanström/Sonisphere Sthlm

What a weekend! What an August! Stockholm has been burstling with events in every corner of the city this weekend and all the hotels have been fully booked.

Photo: Roland Thunholm/Equestrian Games
Equestrian Games took place at Ryttarstadion in Stockholm during four days, 5-8 of August..

Sprinter rivals Usain Bolt, Asafa Powel and Tyson Gay participated in the large sporting event Diamond League DN Galan (one of the main sporting events) August 6th. Photo: Universal Sports.

Sonisphere Festival heavy metal music festival attracted thousands to Stora Skuggan in the Royal National City Park.

Spelmansfestivalen at the open-air museum Skansen attracted some thousand folk music fans to Stockholm

...And the festivities will continue this week and next with the Culture Festival, Ung 08 and Fashion week.

Four exhibitions for Garden-lovers

There are several interesting flower exhibitions this summer. Here are four suggestions:

Chelsea Flowershow winner Ulf Nordfjell at Millesgården
"Between sky and sea" is the name of the exhibition indoors and outdoors at Millesgården. Its an installation of fabrics, plants, scents, water and air at the beautiful Millesgården sculpture park. Unfortunately no info on this in english... Open until October 3. (image above)

"Let a thousand flower bloom in the city"
An exhibition that seeks to inspire Stockholmers to plant and grow things on their balconys at Kulturhuset. The exhibition started off with a guerilla gardening event on Sergels Torg Square in Stockholm. Open until 29 august on Ekoteket top floor.

Tulips, tulips, tulips - photo art and culture history of the tulip.
The photo book "Tulipae Hortorum" by the photographer Jonathan M Singer at the center of the exhibition at Observatoriet.

Sommarsalongen a garden exhibition.
Ulriksdals palace garden arranges a flower and garden show this summer named Sommarsalongen (summer salon). Here you will find dream gardens and garden ideas related to five themes; Garden, home, wedding, food and environment

Ryanair opens new route from Madrid

Ryanair opens a new route to Stockholm-Skavsta from Madrid (Barajas) in Spain three times a week. The new route opens November 2, 2010.  

Crown Princess Victoria hottest Princess in the world

"The wedding of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria was the invitation of the season. Dozens of royals descended on Stockholm in June to help celebrate the country's first royal wedding since 1976. Among the guests were Monaco's Prince Albert, the Netherlands' Queen Beatrix and Jordan's Queen Rania (who tweeted about the event)", says Forbes in their list of the Worlds Hottest young Royals. Crown Princess Victoria is found on the third place and is the hottest princess in the world at the moment, according to Forbes.

The Toy Company Mattel introduced a new barbie this year named Victoria after the Swedish Crown Princess.

80 000 visitors at Fotografiska

Stockholms new world attraction - Fotografiska (photo museum) opened in the end of May. Though the museum have just been open for 2,5 month it has already had 80 000 visitors, according to their blog. Congrats!

Show your personal favorite places face to face

Photo: Stadsmuseum/Cristina Jäderberg

During the Culturefestival in Stockholm, everyone has the opportunity to be a Stockholm-Guide. Stockholm
Face2Face is an online-service to match the tourists visiting the City with people who want to share it. The routes are based on the guide's personal interests and wishes of the person who is being guided. The initiative comes from The Stockholm City Museum (Stadsmuseum).

One of my favorite neighborhoods is Lark City, a good distance away from the traditional tourist areas of Stockholm. And I would just love to share the anecdotes and stories I know to some one who is interested. And to show someone my other personal favorite spots like Monteliusvägen or by canoeing in the Långholmen Canal. Maybe I'll sign up for Face2Face.

Lux Stockholm is being refurbished

One of the green gourmet restaurants here LuxStockholm is also undergoing a refurbishment to be opened on August 18. The people behind the restaurant are known for their interest in design so Im curious about their new look...

"Henrik’s food artistry revolves around four distinct tastes - salt, sour, smoked and spiced - and the four seasons. The food is mainly developed of locally produced raw products in a close co-operation with hand picked local farmers, fisher and horticulturists from Sörmland, Uppland and Gotland. We let the season select currant raw products for the à la Carte. You can, as a guest, sense the variation in season depending on which time of year you visit Lux" according to their webb

Nordic Sea Hotel is being refurbished

Nordic Sea Hotel
, the sister of the Design Hotel Nordic Light and home of the first Absolute Ice bar, is going to be refurbished. Well as I understand it will undergo a "gigantic fresh-up" starting in December. Well, Im looking forward to hearing about the new ideas for the hotel.

"Hottest book on earth"

Millennium books are the hottest in the world according to NBC News.

Stieg Larssons Stockholm-based books are sold in 40 million copies already. Daniel Craig will play Mikael Blomqvist and wouldn't it be just great if they choose Noomi Rapace to play in the hollywood-version as welll.

Events in august

August is somewhat a festival and event month... Check out some suggestions below:

6/8: DN Galan – international Grand Prix athletics,
7/8: Sonisphere Festival,
: Stockholm Culture Festival,
: La Clique, contemporary variety 
12-15/8:  Formex interior design Fair, 
16-18/8: Fashion Week by Berns spring/summer 2011,
26-28/8: Baltic Sea Festival, Classical music, 
27-28/8: Popaganda, music festival,
: Bellmansstafetten, Djurgården, 
28/8- 16/1: Terracotta army in the secret rock galleries, 
29/8: Stockholm Triathlon,

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