Royal Wedding worth 2,5 billion

The royal wedding is worth millions in PR for Sweden and Stockholm - more than 2,7 billion SEK to be precise. Media Pilot have been commissioned by Visit Sweden, Foreign Ministry and Swedish Institute to calculate the advertising value of the webb and printed articles in 16 countries; Germany, USA, Norway, China, Spain, Japan, UK, France, India, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Brazil, netherlands, Italy and Portugal.

Please be seated at Josef Frank Place

Speaking about sculptures in Stockholm. Josef Frank, architect and designer, most known for his association with the design company Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm has gotten a square in Stockholm. The square is situated in the road crossing of  Rindögatan and Furusundsgatan in the Östermalm-district in stockholm. Josef Frank lived on Rindögatan during many years. The square is decorated with two of his chairs in brass...

Photo: SVT Play

Church - a new sculpture in Stockholm

Stockholm has a new public sculpture "kyrka" (church) on the quay by the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The sculpture is made by one of Swedens prominent artists Ernst Billgren (left) and was placed in Stockholm in connection with the Royal wedding June 18.

Photo: Stockholm Konst

ECM launches Iphone app for Stockholm and 32 other cities

European Cities Marketing launched the first iPhone application to serve as a mobile tool for discovering 33 cities spread over 19 different European countries, among them Stockholm. The tool has been developed by the European City Card group in which 33 cities work together to develop city cards for visitors. After the launch of the website  in 2008, the group came together once again to produce the innovative tool, the “City card app”. With the iPhone application the visitor has a mobile tool to explore the city. The application is available for free at the iPhone store or via  the website

See the Youtube film on the app.

New guides to Gay and Lesbian Stockholm

The capital city of Europes most Pro-Gay country offers a wealth of bars, restaurants and hotels for gays and lesbians. Read about what places to visit, where to stay, where to go clubbing, where to eat and much more in the two newly published guides for gays and lesbians:

Gay Guide to Stockholm

Lesbian Guide to Stockholm 

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Stockholm the greenest car city

Stockholm City is best when it comes to sustainable motoring. Its the municipality's efforts in purchase regulations, preseparation of garbage, clean vehicles to the public and the accessibility of renewable fuels that puts Stockholm - the first Green Capital of Europe in 2010 - in the top position in Sweden. The municipality ranking was done by "Gröna Bilister" with support of Trafikverket.

Design*Sponges guide to Stockholm

The popular design blog Design*Sponge has listed her favorite places in Stockholm. Check out where to go, where to shop and where to eat in Stockholm.

LOVE Stockholm attracted 2 million visitors

The loveStockholm party in conjunction with the Royal wedding in Stockholm attracted some 2 million visitors. Approximately 500 000 saw the royal cortège on June 19th.
Read more about facts and figures for LOVE Stockholm.

New regular cruiseroute to Stockholm

A new regular boat route to Stockholm starts in the beginning of july. The route will start in St Petersburg via Helsinki to Stockholm and Tallinn. The target group is russian tourists and the cruise ship is owned by the russian company S-Continental, according to StandBy News.   The first cruise ship is planned to arrive to Stockholm on july 4th at Stadsgården 160


The Haga Palace

Our present swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf grew up at the Haga Palace. This summer his daughter, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Daniel Westling will move in to the palace. At the Royal Court site you can read more about the palace .
Photo: Ekoparken

Buildings along the cortège route

The Crown Princess couple will pass many of the citys land marks during the courtège route on June 19, in connection with their wedding. The obelisque, the Parliament building, the Royal Opera House, the concert house etcetera. Find out more about the buildings here.

Royal exhibitions all summer

The Royal wedding takes place in less than a week. But there are plenty of opportunities to take part of the festitivites all summer. Im really curious about the Royal boats. This exhibition is only during Love Stockholm. See the entire list here.

Never try seven in Sweden

While Im focusing on Cruise news, I just have to recomend reading the Stockholm Cruise blog. On june 1 Ralph Grizzle writes about learning swedish and he tells us about why he doesn't say seven: 

"For the foreign tongue, however, even saying seven is simply too much of a mouthful. It’s true that most foreigners have no trouble pronouncing the number six, which is pronounced  “sex.” But the number seven, sju, sounds like little more than exhaling air, impossible for the non-native Swede to pronounce properly.

So that I never have to say sju, I make it a point not to accept seven of anything. Seven tomatoes? No, I reply, I’ll take sex instead. For the foreign tongue, however, even saying seven is simply too much of a mouthful. It’s true that most foreigners have no trouble pronouncing the number six, which is “sex.” But the number seven, sju, sounds like little more than exhaling air, impossible for the non-native Swede to pronounce properly.

So that I never have to say sju, I make it a point not to accept seven of anything. Seven tomatoes? No, I reply, I’ll take sex instead, which often gets me a curious look."

Regional cruise industry awarded

The Cruise Baltic network, which Stockholm Cruise Network is a part of, has been honoured as winner of “The Baltic Sea Award 2010”. Established in 2007, this is an annual award, recognising extra-ordinary contributions to the development of the Baltic Sea Region. Among the previous winners you find Ms Tarja Halonen, President of Finland.

On announcing the award to Cruise Baltic Network, Hans Skov Christensen said: “The cruise industry is global and booming. The competition is tough not least with other destinations such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Cruise Baltic demonstrates how our diversity and common history in the Baltic Sea Region can become an attractive business product, if it is successfully managed and marketed.”

Royal exhibitions in Stockholm

Here are a selection of exhibitions in Stockholm on the Royal theme

Stockholm - Swedens favorite destination

Stockholm is the most popular swedish city in Sweden. SJ Barometern (State railway travel index), a survey about tourism in Sweden shows that Stockholm is the most popular city to visit this summer among the swedes and the Stockholm archipelago one of the most popular destinations.

Mobile touristinfo on bike in Stockholm

Here are one of the new tourist information bikes in Stockholm. Four bikes filled with maps and tourist information will give tourists in Stockholm access to information and help on several locations in Stockholm.

Sweden is Europe's gay-friendliest country

Photo: Yanan Li/Stockholm Visitors Board
ILGA-Europe (the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association)
has named Sweden as Europe's most pro-gay country. (And as the Capital of Sweden Stockholm must then be the gayfriendliest City in Europe. Read more about Gay Stockholm).

The new edition of the group's "Rainbow Europe Country Index" says Sweden is the only European nation that passes all the group's tests in areas such as anti-discrimination protections, recognition of same-sex partnerships and parenting, hate-crime and hate-speech laws, and equal age-of-consent laws. The index will not start tracking transgender issues until next year.

"Our congratulations to Sweden for making sure its legislation and practices are fully inclusive and respectful of human rights of LGB people," said ILGA-Europe board chair Martin K.I. Christensen. "Sadly, despite advances in many parts of Europe, we still experience human rights violations of LGB people in Europe"

Rounding out the top five highest-ranked were Stockholm, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Spain. The entire report can be found via out our film about Stockholm on youtube


Stay at historic hotels in Stockholm

Two charming and privately owned historic hotels have joined the Historic Hotels in Sweden group:
Görvälns Slott (image above) is a beautiful palace offering trendy and yet majestic environment. The hotel is recently refurbished.
Trosa Stadshotell and Spa offers individually decorated rooms and a renowned restaurant and spa in the picturesqe town of Trosa south of Stockholm.

Gripsholms Värdshus (Inn), Hotel Stureplan and Södertuna Slott (palace) in the Stockholm area are already members.

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