Manor houses & palaces around Mälaren


Photo: Gripsholm Slott
Stockholm is surrounded by freshwater on one side and saltwater on the other side. Within a 150 kilometre radios from Stockholm you can reach some 20 palaces, each with its own splendour and treasures. They lay as pearls on a necklace round lake Malaren. Why not visit these buildings of great cultural significans, from dazzling royal abodes to privately owned estates? Enjoy the generous selection of cakes and pastries at Taxinge-Näsby, Gripsholm Castles large portrait gallery for example. Most of them can be reached by boat or by local transports. Starting from Stockholm and go south and end back in stockholm from the north: Sturehov, Taxinge-Näsby, Gripsholm, Mälsåker, Sundbyholm, Fiholm, Strömsholm, Västerås, Engsö, Grönsöö, Wik, Uppsala, Skokloster, Rosersberg, Görväln och Svartsjö palaces.


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