Excursion to Gripsholm Castle and Mariefred

Gripsholm Castle and park

Mariefred town with the magnificent Gripsholm Castle by the lake Mälaren is well worth an excursion. My husband and I went by car, but I do recommend to take the historical steamship Mariefred to Mariefred. Launched in 1903, it has trafficked this route ever since. You can eat lunch on board in the beautiful dining saloon. Mariefred also has a narrow-gauge historical railway. The charming town center has numerous charming restaurants, cafés, and shops offering something really nice during a daytrip.

Gripsholm is known as Gustav Vasa's castle, as it was he who built the castle here in 1537. See the Swedish State's collection of portraits - featuring prominent Swedes from the days of Gustav Vasa to present day and don't miss out on the palace theatre.

The castle is situated by the lake Mälaren

The picturesque Mariefred town
Wintergarden by the castle


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