Autumn restaurant favorites

Whether you are looking for contemporary international cuisine, traditional Swedish food, ethnic from around the globe or affordable neighborhood restaurants - Stockholm has it. The autumn is the cosy season, and restaurants light their candles and some offers real warming fireplaces and a snugly atmosphere
. Here are some of our new and old restaurant favorites:

Orangeriet (orangery)- crackling fireplace, cozy sofas, magical view of Stockholm and the best cocktails in town. To good to be true? This new bar, next to the popular restaurant Kungsholmen has become an autumn favorite.

Hjerta-(heart)on the lush island of Skeppsholmen, lies this newly opened charming and rustic restaurant. Perfect for a lunch after a visit to the neighbours Nationalmuseum, Museum of Modern Art and East Asian Museum, or in the evening.

Ulla Winbladh - A charming place on Djurgården, next to Skansen and the Vasa Museum, Stockholm is one of the real classics, serving Swedish home cooking. Next summer Michelin restaurateur Melker Andersson will open a restaurant at Godthem next to Ulla Winbladh on Djurgården.

Bistro Ruby/Grill Ruby - French bistro or Texas grill? The two sister restaurants in Stockholms old town offer the best of two worlds in an intimate setting.

□ Djuret (the animal) or Pubologi - Djuret serves one animal at the time, from head to tail. The menu consists of different meat paragraphs from the same animal.  Pubologi is a hybride of a diningroom, bar and pub and is next door. Both of them quite new

Photo: Orangeriet


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