Archipelago Islands in a day back and forth

Metro lists their favorite islands in the archipelago for a daytrip. (photo: Grinda Wärdshus)

Grinda - Beaches and a lovely Inn (Grinda wärdshus), canoe rentals and farms makes it a perfect place for the entire family. Takes 1 hour and 20 minutes with Waxholmsbolaget or Strömma. 120 SEK.

Sandhamn - This sailboat capital in the summer is where you will spot the rich, beautiful and famous in Stockholm. Takes 1 hour and 50 minutes with Waxholmsbolaget or Strömma. 130 SEK.

Stora Kalholmen - Go back in time. This charming island has a popular, but austere, hostel with no running water. Takes 2 hours with Cinderella Boats. 180 SEK.

Vaxholm - is bubbling in the summer. Cozy cafes, restaurants, shops and a fancy hotel makes it a popular destination all year around. Takes 1 hour with Strömma or Waxholmsbolaget. SEK 75.

Fjäderholmarna - Stockholms closest archipelago island with the Fjäderholmarnas krog restaurant and the popular Smoked fish restaurant.  Fjäderholmslinjen or Waxholmsbolaget from Slussen. SEK 60. 

Photo: Fjäderholmarnas Krog

Visit Skärgården site in english

Stockholm is built on fourteen islands and the city is actually the start of another amazing collection of islands. The Stockholm Archipelago is a collection of more than 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks with a smooth surface due to the glacial ice sheet thousands of years ago. The landscape is varied, from wild, windswept outer-archipelago skerries, with waves breaking over the rocks to lush inner-archipelago bays where stillness reigns.

Visit Skärgården are the experts on the archipelago and has finally opened their site in english!!!

Archipelago, skärgård, l'archipel, schärengarten!!!

As Manager of Press at SVB I need to be in touch daily with tourism in Stockholm. Are there many? where are they from? what do they ask? My friends (and colleagues) at the Tourist office are experts in the field, ofcourse, and chares with me daily. They all want to go on a boat trip to the archipelago - and I totally understand them. The weather right now is sunny and warm and Stockholm shows itself from its most beautiful side.

The Archipelago Tour (2,5-3 hours) is the perfect trip if you are looking to experience the untouched nature of the archipelago in short time.

And the Thousand Island Cruise (11 hours) is perfect for a day like this, in the sun to experience the changing sceneries in the Stockholm Archipelago. Lunch, dinner and snacks are included in the price.

Here's our suggestions of islands if you want to go by yourself.

Archipelago trip to Sandhamn

We left the office and took a daytrip to Sandhamn. The small village of Sandhamn is a popular destination in the archipelago. It is the key meeting place for sailers (and during the Volvo Ocean Race) , a popular destination for a daytrip - the beach Trouville, for activities and to stay for a weekend. Mikael Blomqvist, the main caracter of  author Stieg Larssons Milennium triology (Girl with the dragon tatoo) have a summer house on Sandhamn.

We took the Cinderella boat from Strandvägen at 0930 and landed on Sandhamn just in time for lunch on Seglarhotellet at noon and left for the city at 14.45 with Waxholmsbolaget to Stavsnäs and then bus to the city. Another alternative is to take the Strömma Canal Tour to Stockholm.

Here is our itinery....

We started with lunch on Seglarhotellet in Sandhamn

...and met up with Sandhamnsguiderna.
You can rent bikes, fishing-gear, sea-kajaks, trimarans and go on a Rib-boat from Sandhamnsguiderna. 
They also offer guided fishing trips, clay pigeon shooting and unique trips to the
Grönskär island,
 where you can stay in the lighthouse-cabin.
Sandhamnsguiderna can also show you all locations connected to the Millennium books.
We will come back to explore Grönskär...

Picturesque and narrow gravel paths

Sandhamns Värdshus (inn) has a nice outdoor restaurant during the summer. The indoor restaurant has a warm an maritime look to it - with a view of the sea - of course.
The popular
Dykarbaren bar is also worth visiting well as the Strindbergsgården café (which was closed) and
Sandhamnsbakery known for their Sandhamnslimpa (loaf of bread).

Pressdepartment at Stockholm Visitors Board enjoying icecream in the sun.

Report from an archipelago tour

One of our interns, Johan age 20+, have explored the city of Stockholm for us.Last week he explored the Archipelago. So here is a short version of his report.
- The day started with some research, but in the end it was not a difficult decission; the racer boat (The Archipelago Race)  was an obvious choice. Why go by a traditional boat in 10 km/h when you can explore it in 50 km/h?, says Johan

After a calm start the boat went passed Fjäderholmarna islands, under the bridge by Ropsten and around the island of Lidingö and returned back to the Grand Hotel. 

 - Finaly we travelled in a furious pace out in the archipelago, and as soon as a window had been opened and the captain had stepped on it, I couldnt stop enjoying the ride, esplaines Johan

 - You don't have to travel very far in order to enjoy the nice nature that Stockholm offfers. During the entire tour I enjoyed the nice houses and scenery. I have never seen such lovely houses in my entire life. One of them had a glass facade from ceiling to the floor on a hill. Imagine watching tv and see the ocean right under your feet at the same time?, explains Johan. The guide was very good and she had a nice and interesting way of telling a good story. I learned a great deal.

The Archipelago Race takes 1,45 hours and starts from Strömkajen by the Grand Hotel.

Underwater path opens in the Archipelago

Swap the green grass walk to the sea grass walk! The encouragement comes from Skärgårdsstiftelsen who will open their snorkeling path on Nåttarö island in the southern archipelago on June 27.  This is a new way for swimmers and outdoor lovers to explore the amazing archipelago. The path is marked with information rocks and signs describing the flora and fauna along the path. A rope is also tied between the rocks to lead the way. The "snorkel path" stretches from the beach north of the steamboat jetty. The Stockholm Archipelago consists of 30 000 islands and islets. 

Read more about Nåttarö on Stockholmtown

New planning tool for private boats

If you are going to Stockholm this summer with a private boat you can use the "yellow pages company" Eniro's Seamaps. The maps are not suited for navigation but are useful tools for planning, with info on guest harbours etcetera. The map will point out guest harbors (gästhamnar), nature harbours (naturhamnar), gasstations (bensinstationer), restaurants and cafées (restauranger, cafeer), banks and accommodations (övernattningar)

Link to Baltic Sea Coastline map

Here are Stockholms guestharbours

Fire over sea and land archipelago festival

At the end of the peak tourist season, the archipelago becomes an oasis of peace and quiet. The Fire over Sea and Land Festival is an invitation to one and all to enjoy fall in all its glory. During several lyrically beautiful evenings, torchlight processions, fireworks, and bonfires on rafts will illuminate the archipelago. In addition, artistic performances and various activities will add to the festive atmosphere. For more information on archipelago restaurants that will be serving their most delicious, fall-inspired dishes. October 18.

Archipelago touristoffice open in the city


Visit Skärgården
opened its tourist and ticket sale office on Strandvägen in central Stockholm this evening. At the same time they launched their new website where you can find info about som 30 islands, where to stay, where to eat and what to do. The site lanched today in Swedish, but will be available in english during September.

Visit Skärgården aims to open the archipelago for tourists all year around. You can book your stay in the archipelago on the website.

Life on an archipelago island

Photo: Stockholm Archipelago flikr
Curious about how life is on one of the 30 000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago? Then you can read about Lill and Per Schierman and their four children who are permanent residents on the Hjälmö island in the Stockholm Archipelago here.

Gourmet in the archipelago

Photo: Oaxen Skärgårdskrog
The buses in Stockholm are on strike - so why not take the boat to the archipelago instead. There are plenty of great restaurants in the archipelago. This weekend SVD lists some of the gourmet restaurants in the archipelago inspired by the swedish gourmet guide: White Guide.

Central Archipelago
Blidö Wärdshus, Blidö
Finnhamns Krog, Ingmarsö
Fjäderholmarnas Krog, Fjäderholmarna
Grinda Wärdshus, Grinda
Möja Krog, Möja
Nämndö kök och bar, Nämndö
Sandhamns Värdshus, Sandhamn, Sandön
Svartsö Herrgårdspensionat, Svartsö

Southern Archipelago
Gålö Hus, Gålö. Phone: +46 (0)8 500 331 20
Nåttarö krog, Nåttarö. Phone: +46(0) 8 520 400 96
Oaxen Skärgårdskrog, Hålö
Rånö krog, Rånö.
Smådalarö Gård,  Dalarö
Utö värdshus, Utö

Northern Archipelago
Fejans krog, Gräddö Island

Visit the Archipelago - they move in to city



Northern Hemisphere
The Stockholm Archipelago consists of 30 000 islands and it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit. Therefore, the Archipelago moves to the City. A new group, Visit Skärgården (archipelago), will open a turist office on Strandvägen in Stockholm. I have written about this before

The archipelago moves into the city

Stockholmers, Tourists and archipelago enthusiasts are all welcome to the former Shell Gas station on Strandvägen (the Djurgården end). In spring 2008 a service and information centre called Skärgårdsfönstret (Window to the Archipelago) will open. It will include a touristoffice, a café, taxiboatoffice, archipelago travel agency, lounge, harbour for chartered boats, conference area etc. The project will be runned by Viamare After Sales, initiator to the Network Öppen Skärgård.

Famous islands in the Archipelago

The silence of the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago attracts many people every year. Artists of all kind has also been drawn to the more remote islands  - there are some 30 000 islands to choose from - and the islands have inspired the authors, painters, poets and musicians during all times. The Swedish childbook author Astrid Lindgren used Norröra and Söderöra island in the archipelago to illustrate the book Seacrow Island about a father with his four children in a rented summer house on the island. The Norröra island is still as genuine and private as it seems in the film. Bullerö was owned by the Swedish nature painter Bruno Liljefors. You can visit his old hunting cabin and studio. Kymmendö was the island where the Author August Strindberg sought inspiration for "People of Hemsö", a vigorous tale about the Stockholm skerries. His writers cabin can be seen on the island. Runmarö is the choice of the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer and Utö Island the place where the writer Gustaf Fröding spent his summers. Former ABBA.member Björn Ulvaeus has his summer house on the island Viggsö.

French team won Archipelago Raid

image22   image23  image24
Pictures: Archipelago Raid

A french team, Jean Christophe Mourniac and Franck Citeau in Hobiecat Nissan France, won this years edition of Archipelago Raid. The Archipelago Raid was started in 2001 and is now in it?s 7th year.  It is a 300 ? 500 mile extreme race through the 100,000 islands of the Swedish, Åland and Finnish Archipelago region on F18 catamarans.  Teams compete in a prologue race that takes place from Kungliga Djurgårdsförvaltningen, Stockholm ? Bjono on Sunday 29th July.  The race itself starts from Bjono on Monday 30th July.  They then race to four different locations along the course starting at Fejan and ending at Sandhamn in Stockholm. Teams from 10 countries around the world will take part including: UK, USA, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Belguim, Australia, New Zealand, Norway.

Gourmet restaurants in the archipelago

Photo: Oaxen Skärgårdskrog
Sailboat, yacht or ferry? Summer in Stockholm is synonomous with the archipelago. The exclusive lifestylemagazine Stureplan lists the best restaurants in the archipelago, plus one of my own favorites:
  1. Oaxen, located on Hölö, Trosa archipelago is considered one of the best restaurants in Stockholm. Stay over night at the hotel boat m/s Stjerntorp.
  2. Bullandö Krog, a popular place for Swedes with their own sailboat, on the island of Värmdö. Take bus 440 from Slussen or boat. 
  3. A summermust for sailingcelebrities is Seglarhotellet in Sandhamn, easily accessed by boat from Strömkajen or Stavsnäs. Stay over night and enjoy the spa-area.
  4. Utö Värdshus is well renowned for its good food. Stay over night at the youthhostel, in a house or in a archipelagosuit and enjoy the after-sail at the Seglarbaren.
  5. Wermdö Golf och Country Club is the place to enjoy an evening after golfing, sailing. Stay at the small cottage by the puttinggreen. 
  6. Holmen kök och bar in the fashionable waterfront suburb Saltsjöbaden is really nice and leisure. Enjoy a lunchbreak or a sunny evening. You will reach it with Saltjsjöbanan-tram from Slussen. Stay over night at the Saltsjöbaden Grand Hotel.
  7. Kanalbaren, Strömma Kanal on Värmdö, the best bar in the neighbourhood. Take bus 433 or boat from Nybrokajen.
  8. Bockholmen hav & Restaurant, though quite centrally located close to the Bergshamra underground station, Bockholmen is a relatively unknown island, even for stockholmers. The yellow wooden villa is transformed into a lovely restaurant by the waterfront.

Brunch-cruise with Strömma

How about a three hour brunch-lunch-cruise in the archipelago? S/S Stockholm departs from Strandvägen every Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 on a tour to Vaxholm and back again. Arrival 15.00. Cruise and lunchbuffé costs 395 SEK. Reserve in advance.

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