Ulriksdals Flower show

Photo: Ulriksdal Flower Show

Garden lovers make haste. The Ulriksdal Flower Show, between August 30 and September 2, is held in the beautiful palace parks of Ulriksdal Palace - one of the most beautiful i must add. The whole exhibition will have a royal air to it, inaugurated by H M Queen Silvia. inspirational gardens, exhibitions, seminars, garden trends and shopping inspiration. The Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal is worth a visit even without the Flower Show.

New yearly design event

35 rooms designed by Swedens? best architects and designers ages 24 to 75. The jugend buiding ?t-house? (Birger Jarlsgatan/Engelbrektsgatan) will transform into a temporary designexhibition. The aim is to show a home (not installations) for a fictive family of 11 persons including exwife, children etc and that it will include sounds, light and smells?!.

The exhibition also hosts a restaurant runned by Vassa Eggen, seminars twice/week and smaller events. The entrance fee will be first visit: 150 SEK, 2nd visit: 50 SEK and 3rd Free. It will be open every day, except Monday, from 11-22 o clock. Between september 1 and October 14. The items will be auctioned after the exhibition and the surplus goes to Childhood Foundation and the producers.

New! Guided tours at the Royal Swedish Opera

The Royal Swedish Opera House is open for guided tours summer 2007. Enjoy a tour in one of the Great opera houses of the world. The Royal Swedish Opera has a thrilling and dramatic history that goes back to the 18th century and King Gustavus III. The king loved opera! He was later assassinated at a masked ball in his own Opera House in 1792. A story that was used in Verdi?s opera The masked ball.  The 18th century building was pulled down and replaced in 1898 by the present building, which became the home stage for great singers such as Jussi Björling and Birgit Nilsson. Included in the guided tour is an exhibition of ballet and opera costumes.

Guided tours starts 19th of June and lasts until 19th of August, seven days a week, at 13.00 and 15.00 in English and Swedish. Cost 70 SEK  per person. Group booking on tel 08- 791 43 14 (12.00-17.00) Minimum group fee: 800 sek. 

Design exhibition in september

35 rooms, 2000 square meters and some 30 architects ? The exhibition Casa Cor - the passionate home will show how Stockholmers will live in the future. The exhibition is not about technology, but about passion and the familyrelations within a family. There will be a ?house? for a fictitious family with parents, teens, ex-husbands and grandparents live together. The exhibition will be held at T-house, Engelbrektsplan 1, by Humlegården. The exhibition will open Sept 1-october 14.

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