Ryanair opens two new routes to Stockholm

Ryanair is introducing two new routes from Stockholm-Skavsta airport. On April 12 a new route from Rhodes in Greece and on April 15, Ryanair will start flights to Rijeka in Croatia.

Wizz-air opens new routes to Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Wizz Air will increase their number of destinations to Stockholm-Skavsta Airport with four new routes: Kiev (Ukrane), Lodz (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Belgrade (Serbia).

The Kiev and the Lodz routes opened in December with two weekly flights each. The Vilnius route will open on April 16 with three weekly flights and the Belgrade route opens on April 3.

By the way: Stockholm Skavsta Airport has just launched a new website.

Norwegian opens domestic route to Stockholm

Norwegian opens a new domestic route between Gothenburg and Stockholm on February 17, 2011. The airline will offer three flights a day on weekdays and twice a day on wekends to start with.

Ryanair opens new route to Stockholm

Ryanair opens a new route from Tallinn in Estonia to Stockholm-Skavsta airport. The route opens today with four flights per week.

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport grows

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
continues to grow in November. For the fifth consecutive month, the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has increased the number of travellers by over 10 percent

In November, the number of air travelers at the airport grew by 12 percent compared to the same month last year. In Nobember 1,464,581 traveled to and from the airport.

Photo: Arlanda Airport

Ryanair opens four routes to Stockholm

opens four new routes to Stockholm from Biarritz, Brindisi, Ibiza and Malaga. Two weekly flights to Stockholm-Skavsta from Biarritz and Brindisi, three times per week from Ibiza. Ryanair also opens a new route Malaga to  Stockholm-Västerås Airport from Malaga with two flights per week from the summer 2011. Ryanair flies to 41 destinations thereby from Skavsta and carrying 2.5 million passengers a year while contributing with up to 2500 jobs.

Photo: Jeppe Wikström/Stockholm Visitors Board

Stockholm-Bromma airport grows

Stockholm Bromma Airport, the city airport of Stockholm, is growning fast. This year, more than two million passengers have passed through the airport. Stockholm-Bromma airport is primarily a domestic airport. Today you can fly nonstop from to 13 destinations in Sweden, plus Brussels in Belgium, Helsinki in Finland and Aarhus in Denmark.

Feel Air opens new routes to Stockholm

Feel Air opens new routes to Stockholm from New York and from Bangkok. Dates are not official.

Ryanair flies from Madrid to Stockholm

Ryanair have opened a new route from Madrid in Spain to Stockholm-Skavsta airport.

BA opens new route to Stockholm

British Airways
opens a new route from London City Airport to Stockholm Arlanda. The new route starts January 9 with two flights per day.

Norwegian opens new route to Stockholm

Norwegian Airlines opens a new route from Malmö in southern Sweden to Stockholm from December 2. Skurup Airport in Malmö is also close for visitors from Copenhagen.

Ryanair opens new route to Stockholm

Ryanair is opening a new route from Tallinn in Estonia to Stockholm-Skavsta airport. The new route opens on Decenber 13 2010 with four flights per week.

Estonian opens new route to Stockholm

Estonian Airlines opens a new route from Vilnius in Lattvia to Stockholm from October 31. The flight will be a code share with SAS and there will be flights six days of the week.

Ryanair opens new route from Madrid

Ryanair opens a new route to Stockholm-Skavsta from Madrid (Barajas) in Spain three times a week. The new route opens November 2, 2010.  

New routes from London and Turkey

Two new routes to Stockholm were announced during easter.

Next Jet starts a route from London city to Stockholm-Bromma Airport on August 16

Turkish Airlines low-price concept, Anadolujet, will open a route from Istanbul and Ankara to Stockholm in June.

Routes increases by 5 pct at Arlanda

Airlines are investing in new and more frequent departures to Stockholm Arlanda Airport this summer. Total capacity is expected to increase by 5 per cent for international traffic. A few examples:
Route expansion, low-fare airlines
Route expansion, intercontinental
Route expansion, Europe
Read all about it here

Behind the scenes at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Airports are really special places. Its where the journey and vacation starts and the logistics around luggage and keeping the airport free of snow impressive. Today my colleagues and I went to Stockholm-Arlanda to see how it works behind the scene.

The 90 meter high tower designed by Wingårdh Architects, the black representing technology and the white representing humanity. The two towers on the top are inspired by the story of Hugin (Thought) and Munin (memory) - the two ravens in nordic mythology who flew around Midgard in search of news and information to return to the god Odin.

Beautiful from the inside. The inscriptions are from a book about pilots (hm I cant remember the author)

Our amazing and enthusiastic guide Yvonne

colleagues Eva and Marcus in their nice outfits

Handling of luggage in theory

Handling of luggage in reality

capacity of 5 000 (i think) luggage per hour

Transfer luggage

Airbus carts ready to be put directly on the plane

Thank you Johan, Mats, Yvonne and Sven at LFV for a really interesting day!

Norwegian opens three new routes to Stockholm

Norwegian opens three new direct routes to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. From London Gatwik April 29, Edinburgh May 6 and Münich May 7.

Lufthansa expands in Stockholm

Lufthansa opens one new route and expand the number of flights to Stockholm. The new new route from Milano to Stockholm opens in March. Lufthansa will also add the number of flights from Münich and Hamburg this spring.

Ryan air opens three new routes

Ryanair opens three new routes to Stockholm this summer. From Béziers (France) fom April 13, from Faro (Portugal) from March 31and from Malaga Spain June 23.

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