Italian Vogue loves swedish fashion

"A strong close to an even stronger week. Stockholm just might be my new favorite fashion destination on the global calendar", says Kristofer Arden Houser at Italian Vogue about his first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Photo: Kristofer Arden Houser

Fashion night in the city centre

For the second time the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands arranges Fashion Night. The evening is a celebration of fashion and a perfect way to conclude the Fashion Week. The designer stores around Norrmalmstorg, Stureplan and Biblioteksgatan are open for late-night shopping (until 22.00). meet designers and dry on the new autumn collections...

Acne, Norrmalmstorg
Boomerang, Norrlandsgatan 3
Byredo, Mäster Samuelsgatan 6
DesignHouse Stockholm, Smålandsgatan 11
Excellent shoes, jakobsbergsgatan 11
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Mäster Samuelsgatan 2
Filippa K, Biblioteksgatan 21
Gant, Birger Jarlsgatan 15
Gertrude Bed and Bath, Smålandsgatan 16
Götrich, Mäster Samuelsgatan 3
Hope, Norrlandsgatan 12 (image above)
J.Lindeberg, Biblioteksgatan 6
Kiel's, Mäster Samuelsgatan 5
malene Birger, Biblioteksgatan 12
Marimekko, Norrmalmstorg 4
maruschka de Margó, Birger jarlsgatan 7
Odd Molly, Humlegårdsgatan 13
Rizzo, Biblioteksgatan 9
Rodebjer, Jakobsbergsgatan 6
SAND, Biblioteksgatan 4
Thomas Sabo, Biblioteksgatan 5
Whyred, Mäster Samuelsgatan 3
WESC, Jakobsbergsgatan 6
Woolrich, Stureplan 6

Where to get those tight pants

"It's Fashion Week in Stockholm! And when you think of Swedish fashion you might think of really, really tight jeans. Lately this formfitted garment has become as much a national symbol as meatballs, clogs and Ingmar Bergman. Here are a few places where you can find a pair for yourself! Wear them or keep them as a souvenir" writes the editor of Stockholmtown and lists the best places to shop.

Photo: Jens Assur

Best places for male fashion

Ill keep to the fashiontheme today. The Canadian magazine think that Stockholm has
the best dressed men in the world and mailed me wondering why. And where swedish men go to get their style. I consulted who is specialized in exclusive line of mens wear.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (formerly Fashion Week by Berns)
 in Stockholm kicks off today, and over the next three days, a record number of participants will be showcasing the very best of Swedish fashion. The week is expected to attract big international media names, such as Italian Vogue, British Elle, and, but will not only be covered by a large international press corps − some of the world's leading fashion bloggers and buyers will be attending, too. (photo: Nina Jarebrink who is showing at Berns)

Swedish fashion exports were one of the few industry sectors to report growth last year, and during the first quarter of this year alone, clothing exports rose by 7 per cent in comparison with the corresponding period last year. The international interest is also reflected in this season's confirmed guest list, which includes not only the above-mentioned titles, but names such as Cover from Denmark, Elle from Norway and Maxi from Germany.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm starts on 16th August and ends on 18th August. Berns Salonger will continue to organise the week in partnership with ASFB, and several of the shows will be held in Stora Salongen at Berns and in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Pavilion in Kungsträdgården. 

Stockholm Fashion Week, mainly for buyers of fashion including the cotton fair and Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair, takes place during the same period.

Fashionweek by Berns starts on Monday

Fashionweek by Berns
starts on Monday February 1. The best of the best swedish brands will show their Autumn Winter collection 2010-2011 at the legendary Berns venue and hotel. Some 50 journalists from Scandinavia, Europe, USA, China and Japan are in Stockholm to write about the event.

A selection of brands:
Camilla Norrback
Carin Wester
Cheap Monday
Diana Orving
Filippa K
Lovisa Burfitt (image above)
The Local Firm

More angles and fashionshopping ideas are found in the Pressroom

Stockholm focus at The Fashion Fair in Paris

Image: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair/ Stockholm Fashionweek by Berns

The number ONE fashion fair: Pret a porter in Paris will display five of the top fashion cities at the entrance hall. Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, London and London are chosen. Go! go! Stockholm.

View on Swedish fashion

The daily City Newspaper featured an interview with Diane Pernet, legendary fashionjournalist writing for Vogue, Elle magazine and her own blog "a shaded view on fashion" yesterday (aug 14) about swedish fashiondesigners. Here are an extract of the interview.

"Sweden is a small country. How well do we stand in the competition to well established fashion cities such as Milan and Paris?

-  Scandinavian countries have been rising during the past few years. The fashion weeks in Stockholm and Copenhagen has been bubbeling with energy. During my last time in Stockholm I discovered SandraBacklund, who is now one of my absolute favorites. So there is no question of doubt that individual designers in Sweden are on the same level as in Italy for example. But I have noticed something with swedish designers - they want to do everything by themselves and take controll, but when you do that you cant grow as a company.

What distinguishes swedish fashion?

- It is modern rather than nostalgic. You can sense that the fashion industry is something relatively new in Sweden, and that designers just recently really dares to express themselves."

According to Dagens Nyheter the swedish fabrics- and clothing export is reaching new record levels. Teko announced last week that the fashionexport represented 5,2 billion SEK of the total export of 9,1 billion SEK the first six months 2008. During 2007 the etotal export was 17 billion SEK of which half was the fashion industry.

Princess Madeleine patron of Fashiondays

photo: svensk damtidning
H R H Princess Madeleine of Sweden, known for her interest in fashion, is the patron of Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns. Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns will take place June 30- July 2. One of the new designers showing this season is Agunandagirl and Nikolaj d'etoile and wellknown Swedish brands such as Filippa K, Whyred and Acne.

Monki - trendy at bargain price


Photo: Monki Skrapan
I have written about it before here here on this blog, but a colleague of mine reminded me the other day about it. Im talking about Monki Girl. Its just a great  place to find trendy clothes for women at a good price - and yes, its a swedish koncept. If its a success? Well the founders are the Weekday (Cheap Monday) group, so I believe that says it all. Besides their own collection you will find other streetwear and jeans from young designers in sweden and Hong kong. You will find the Monki store at: 
Monki, Götgatan 19, 
Monki, SOUK departmentstore, Drottninggatan 53
Monki, Skrapan departmentstore, Götgatan 78
Monki, Skärholmen Centrum, Plan 2 

Where to buy Swedish fashion

Photo: Carin Wester
The image of  the fashion country Sweden is gradually changing. It's no longer only the land with clean basic every day wear and the country who produces clothes for the masses. Clearly, jeans from Acne, Nudie and Cheap
Monday opened the eyes of the world, but there are much more to be seen. Swedes are internationally minded and quick to pick up different trends. No wonder that Stockholm has become a place for a more conceptual fashion during the last few years. Thanks to the smaller shops in SoFo, City and Östermalm the smaller labels have gotten their own arena. Stockholm has a lot. Heres just a small selection of the brands with their own stores.

Acne Studio
Norrmalmstorg 2/Hamngatan 10-12.
Camilla Norrback, Norrbackagatan 60.
Carin Wester, Rörsstrandsgatan 40.
Fifth avenue shoe repair, Bondegatan 46B.
HOPE, Norrlandsgatan 12.
Jenny Hellström, Hornstulls stand 11.
Monki, Götgatan 19, Souk Drottninggatan 53
MTWTFSS Weekday, Olofsgatan 1/ Götgatan 21.   

Nakkna, Tjärhovsgatan 3.

Nudie Jeans, Skånegatan 75.
Rodebjer, Jakobsbergsgatan 6.
Whyred, Mäster Samuelsgatan 5B.
Öös Designunion, Svartensgatan 12A.

Rodebjer opens her first store in Stockholm

The world is turning towards Sweden for fashion. The swedish designer Carin Rodebjer is one of them, based in New York. She has just opened her own first Rodebjer store on Jakobsbergsgatan 6, close to Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm.  The Architect Ola Andreasson and the illustrator Liselott Watkins have been working together with Rodebjer to create a cool new boutique.

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