Passenger record in the Ports of Stockholm

Over 12 million passengers traveled through the Ports of Stockholm in 2010, which is a new record. The Stockholm region has three ports; Stockholm, Kapellskär and Nynäshamn.
 - With over 12 million passengers, Ports of Stockholm strengthens its position as the Baltic Sea's largest venue. It is largely thanks to our shipping customers constantly improve their offerings in an attractive way and that we have many exciting destinations that we have such high passenger numbers, "said Henry Widerståhl, Acting CEO Ports of Stockholm.

Ferry passengers contributes with 5.1 billion in the county which represents about 22 percent of the Stockholm County's total tourism revenue.

St Peter Line opens route to Stockholm

The St Peter Line is opening a ferry route to Stockholm from S:t Petersburg in April 2010. More info on this later on.



415 000 cruise passengers in Stockholm

415 000 cruise passengers and 261 international cruise ships have visited Stockholm this year. Visitors are estimated to have spent about half a billion SEK in stockholm during the season.

- International Cruising is an increasingly important source of income for the Stockholm and the economy of the city.
This year 415 000 passengers on average each spent 1200 SEK. Altogether, the spend about half a billion kronor, says Ulla Hamilton, chairman ports of Stockholm and the Enviornment and trafic mayor

New terminal building

Ports of Stockholm
are building a new terminal building in Värtahamnen harbor. The New terminal is designed by Arkitektfirmaet CF Möller/Berg Architects.

The terminal will be a part of the new Stockholm Royal Seaport district - 2,36 square kilometers area with 10 000 new apartments and 30 000 work spaces. One of the first steps in this project is to expand Värtapiren, which can begin as soon as all permits are ready. The expansion includes a total of 84 000 sq.m. new land where, among other things, Ports of Stockholm is building a modern and efficient terminal building.

New regular cruiseroute to Stockholm

A new regular boat route to Stockholm starts in the beginning of july. The route will start in St Petersburg via Helsinki to Stockholm and Tallinn. The target group is russian tourists and the cruise ship is owned by the russian company S-Continental, according to StandBy News.   The first cruise ship is planned to arrive to Stockholm on july 4th at Stadsgården 160


Never try seven in Sweden

While Im focusing on Cruise news, I just have to recomend reading the Stockholm Cruise blog. On june 1 Ralph Grizzle writes about learning swedish and he tells us about why he doesn't say seven: 

"For the foreign tongue, however, even saying seven is simply too much of a mouthful. It’s true that most foreigners have no trouble pronouncing the number six, which is pronounced  “sex.” But the number seven, sju, sounds like little more than exhaling air, impossible for the non-native Swede to pronounce properly.

So that I never have to say sju, I make it a point not to accept seven of anything. Seven tomatoes? No, I reply, I’ll take sex instead. For the foreign tongue, however, even saying seven is simply too much of a mouthful. It’s true that most foreigners have no trouble pronouncing the number six, which is “sex.” But the number seven, sju, sounds like little more than exhaling air, impossible for the non-native Swede to pronounce properly.

So that I never have to say sju, I make it a point not to accept seven of anything. Seven tomatoes? No, I reply, I’ll take sex instead, which often gets me a curious look."

Regional cruise industry awarded

The Cruise Baltic network, which Stockholm Cruise Network is a part of, has been honoured as winner of “The Baltic Sea Award 2010”. Established in 2007, this is an annual award, recognising extra-ordinary contributions to the development of the Baltic Sea Region. Among the previous winners you find Ms Tarja Halonen, President of Finland.

On announcing the award to Cruise Baltic Network, Hans Skov Christensen said: “The cruise industry is global and booming. The competition is tough not least with other destinations such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Cruise Baltic demonstrates how our diversity and common history in the Baltic Sea Region can become an attractive business product, if it is successfully managed and marketed.”

RCCL opens an office in Stockholm

Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCCL) will open a sales office in Stockholm.

Stockholm nominated to worlds best cruise destination

Stockholm is nominated inte the "Worlds Leading Cruise Destination" category. Nomination are based on the previous year's voting and recommendations made by travel, tourism & hospitality industry professionals. The winners will be announced at World Travel Award ceremony in november 2009.

Stockholm harbour in environmental collaboration

The harbours in Stockholm and Helsinki are working for a better water environment in the Baltic Sea. The two harbours already offer to take care of waste water from the cruise ships, which is still very unusual, and are now going to expand the services to electricity. In Stockholm the Finlandferries already can connect to the permanent electricity wire while docking and Helsinki is in the process to build a land line.

Cruise center opens next season

Stockholm is an attractive cruise destination. Aproximately 400 000 cruisepassengers is expected to Stockholm during the season of 2009. In 2008 a new cruise terminal opened in the Frihamnen port and in 2010 Stadsgården port will open a cruise center, located in Stora Tullhuset according to Dagens Nyheter.

Stora Tullhuset will also include a Photomuseum and a restaurant. One of Swedens most wellrenowned architects, Ferdinand Boberg stands behind the building. He is also the architect of Thielska Galleriet, Waldemarsudde and the departmentstore NK in Stockholm. Does the name Stora Tullhuset sound familiar? Yes, it was originally supposed to be the home of an ABBA-museum.Read more about the ABBAmuseum, ABBA World here

Read more about Cruise in Stockholm at Stockholmtownblog, Stockholm Cruise Network and the Stockholm Cruiseblog

Stockholm - the best cruise destination

Stockholm was rated as the best overall visit by the cruise passengers from the European Cruise Sector Survey Project in 2008. Stockholm was also listed on top for the variety of things to see and do on the destination and for the friendly residents. On top of this the passengers thought Stockholm met their expectations best and they are most likely to recommend the city to others.

Best destination experience and most responsive port
Dreamworld Cruise Destination recognized Stockholm for the second year in a row. This time Stockholm took top honors in two categories for the season of 2008. One award was for the Best Destination Experience (independent tours), where the quality of experience derives from passengers making their own arrangements for their time ashore. The other award was in the category Most Responsive Port. The prizes were awarded at the convention Cruise Shipping Miami just recently by DreamWorld magazine.

Top turnaround port in the world
Increasingly, cruise companies are choosing Stockholm as a turnaround point, i.e. a starting or finishing port for the cruise, thanks to the city's huge appeal, good hotel standards and convenient direct flights to Europe and the United States. In 2008 Stockholm hosted 28 turnarounds from 9 Cruise Lines and the response from the passengers was enthusiastic. Stockholm was rated 2nd Best Turnaround Port in the World - according to a Princess Cruises Shorex Passenger Survey 2008.

400 000 cruise passengers expected in Stockholm!

In 2009 Stockholm expect some 400.000 cruise passengers on more than 300 ships of which 39 calls will be turnarounds, compared to the 365.000 passengers and 265 ships in 2008.
- We have been working intensively for many years to place Stockholm on the map as a cruise destination. And despite the worldwide financial crisis, all reports now shows that we will have another record season - Cruise Lines have expressed optimism. Moreover, because the Euro and U.S. dollar are trading so favourably against the Swedish Crown, Stockholm and Sweden provide exceptional value when compared to other destinations in Northern Europe. We are very optimistic about the season, says Josefin Haraldsson, project manager for the Stockholm Cruise Network

Read the entire press release here

New Cruise Terminal in Stockholm


A new cruise terminal in Scandinavia, Stockholm Cruise Centre, opened Friday in the Swedish capital.  The new terminal has been built in response to demand from cruise lines and follows a bumper year of cruise ship visits to Stockholm in 2007, making it the fifth largest cruise destination in Northern Europe*. Check Stockholm Cruise Network for more information

Stockholm the "Best Destination Experience"

Photo: Stockholm Visitors Board
Stockholm was chosen the winner of 2007  DreamWorld Cruise Destinations Award in the category "Best Destination Experience" (Organised Tours). The prize was awarded at the Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention in Miami just recently by DreamWorld magazine.  

Cruise terminal by the new Abba-museum


Photo: Abbamuseum
If you follow my blog you have read this and this about the new large cruise terminal, Värtapiren,  to be opened in May 2008. Read in Travel News that a new smaller cruise terminal will be built by the ABBA-museum. The new terminal at Stadsgården will be able ot dock cruiseships with up to 1 000 passengers.

Construction start of new cruise terminal

The first step to a new cruise terminal in Stockholm has been taken. Building number 9 in Frihamnen is beeing renovated in order to take care of cruise visitors from spring 2008. 

New cruise terminal to be built in Stockholm!

The large terminal will be 3,000 square metres in area and will be finished in time for the 2008 cruise season. Magazine 9 on the Frihamnen pier is to undergo a complete interior and exterior renovation. The terminal will be 3,000 square metres in area and will include a café, Internet access, shops, a departures hall, customs and luggage handling. The new terminal will exude a sense of modern Swedish design. Every year hundreds of international cruise liners call at Stockholm during the summer season. The number of calls is growing steadily, and over 300,000 cruise ship passengers are expected in the run-up to the 2007 season.

- This is an extremely important tourist group for Stockholm?s ever growing tourism industry. A good first impression ensures satisfied ambassadors for Stockholm as a destination,? says Martin Rosborg, Managing Director of Stockholm Visitors Board.

Construction will begin in spring 2007 to ensure it is completed in time for the 2008 cruise season, which runs from May to October. Planning for potential uses of the terminal during the winter is currently under way.

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