Passport tv explores Stockholm

Check out this video of Stockholm made by Passport TV (Gay travel TV)

“Passport TV explores Sweden’s most exciting city and finds a wonderland of art, culture, and unique attractions. Come with us as we discover what makes Stockholm one of Europe’s most fascinating and romantic getaways.”

Stockholms Gay lesbian blog awarded

Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network blog
is one of the top 20 LGBT Blogs in the world, according to

"Stockholm Gay Lesbian Network is included, since I always find your articles to be very informative and useful.”, says Lesbian

Gay-Exhibitions in Stockholm

Several museums and attractions in are arranging with guided tours and exhibitions on different LGBT-themes during Pride week, July 26-31.

  • Armémuseum (army museum) about queer and transsexual military guided tours. everyday at 13.
  • Etnografiska museet (ethnographical) outdoor exhibition ethno-queer images. Daily..
  • Hallwylska museet - (former home of the hallwyl family) culture historical champagne samles in the museum kitchen. Every day at 18.
  • Livrustkammaren (Royal Armoury) Guided tour on the theme can you be more hetro than the king - on royal expression of power. Daily 26–29 july at 15.
  • Sjöhistoriska museet (sea historic)
    Utställningen Hur mycket makt vill du ha?, där maritima uniformer ställs i relation till makt och normer och visar på symbolers maktspråk.
  • Stadsmuseet  (City museum) two queer guided tours of Skogskyrkogården cemetary and two trans-guided tours of stockholm.
  • Tekniska museet  (technical museum)
    Nerd cafe with an LGTB-twist. Speaches daily 27–30 july at 15.
  • Vasamuseet  (the Vasa museum)
    Guided tour about women (dressed as men) who worked on the ships in the 15th and 16th century. Dailyat 14 and 15.

Stockholm in rainbow flags during Stockholm Pride

The most important event of the year in LGBT Stockholm is the Stockholm Pride Festival, which runs from July 26 – August 1. The theme of this year’s festival is ”power.” Don't be surprized of all the rainbow-flags in the city this week. You will find the busses all over the city manifests the Pride festival with rainbow-flags and several museums with interesting exhibitions etcetera.

Stockholm Pride is the largest pride festival in the Nordic region, as well as Stockholm's largest public event; the parade alone draws 50,000 participants and 500,000 spectators. The seven days of the festival feature a mix of parties and parades, seminars and political debates on LGBT issues.

New guides to Gay and Lesbian Stockholm

The capital city of Europes most Pro-Gay country offers a wealth of bars, restaurants and hotels for gays and lesbians. Read about what places to visit, where to stay, where to go clubbing, where to eat and much more in the two newly published guides for gays and lesbians:

Gay Guide to Stockholm

Lesbian Guide to Stockholm 

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Sweden is Europe's gay-friendliest country

Photo: Yanan Li/Stockholm Visitors Board
ILGA-Europe (the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association)
has named Sweden as Europe's most pro-gay country. (And as the Capital of Sweden Stockholm must then be the gayfriendliest City in Europe. Read more about Gay Stockholm).

The new edition of the group's "Rainbow Europe Country Index" says Sweden is the only European nation that passes all the group's tests in areas such as anti-discrimination protections, recognition of same-sex partnerships and parenting, hate-crime and hate-speech laws, and equal age-of-consent laws. The index will not start tracking transgender issues until next year.

"Our congratulations to Sweden for making sure its legislation and practices are fully inclusive and respectful of human rights of LGB people," said ILGA-Europe board chair Martin K.I. Christensen. "Sadly, despite advances in many parts of Europe, we still experience human rights violations of LGB people in Europe"

Rounding out the top five highest-ranked were Stockholm, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Spain. The entire report can be found via out our film about Stockholm on youtube


Pink Christmas in Stockholm

Stockholm has a fun gay scene. Why not celebrate Pink Christmas in Stockholm.

Stockholm Gay Community celebrates santa Lucia, Christmas and Chanukah on December 11-13 2009.

Celebration takes place at Torget, Momma, Side Track, Roxy, Göken, tomrik mat&dryck, Monarki, Paradise Zipper, 2.35:1+Gay, Lydmar, Berns and Högkvarteret.

  • Highlights in the program:
  • You cant helping falling in Love with Sean Magnus at the Berns
  • Church of sweden celebrate Christmas Rainbow Mass
  • The German Church in Old town gives a Christmas concert with Sapphonia and Stockholm Gay Choir
  • Scandinavian Leather Men - SLM hosts a mixed christmas party
  • The Bear club, Viking Bears are mixin up with Santa's and their admirers.
  • Visit the Dance museum and the exhibition; The Russan Ballet in Paris
  • During Pink Christmas we are collecting money to the LGBT-refugee's charity organization. Help us to help LGBT-refugees seeking asylum!

     More info on QX Gaymap/Stockholm

New Gay night club in Gamla Stan


Photo: Club Pigalle
A new gay night club opened in Gamla stan on november 23rd. Club Pigalle is situated on Järntorgsgatan 5 (former Bacchi Vapen) and will be open friday-saturday until 03.00. The place has a chic but yet relaxed atmosphere and includes several bars. Start the evening at the restaurant and continue in the night club. Enjoy a brunch with friends on Sundays.

Three new gay clubs

Tired of going to Torget in Gamla Stan, Lino, Club Gaysha, Patricia on Sundays and Hallon? Three new gay clubs are opening this autumn in Stockholm according to Aftonbladet. Check out more info on QX.
Coco Loco on Sveavägen 36 opened a month ago. Every friday at 22-03 with two dance floors and a "schlager bar".
Bacchi Wapen on Järntorgsgatan 5 opens end of November. Wednesday-Friday 12-03 and Sunday Brunch.
Club G at Kolingsborg, Slussen opens tonight. Every friday 22-03 with three dance floors.

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