IKEA Bus from Vasagatan

The first IKEA store in Stockholm is ofcourse a must see when you are in Stockholm. The IKEA bus (free of charge) have moved their bus stop to Vasagatan 18 (just outside the new tourist office). The bus departs between10.00-19.00 every whole hour Monday-Friday

New tram changes buss lines in Stockholm

The new tramline (spårväg City)
from Sergelstorg Square and Djurgården changes the bus service for most tourists. Bus 47 is replaced entirely by the new tramway (Spårväg city) and busses 69 and 52.

Bus 69 will be prolonged, from Tomteboda to Blockhusudden, but from Sergels Torg to Blockhusudden and Kaknästorget it will be the same. From Tomteboda to Sergels Torg Square will be the same as bus 47 was earlier. Bus 52 will run between Fridhemsplan, via Sergels torg/Central station to Nybroplan next to the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Travel from the Central Station to Djurgården:

  • walk to bus stop Sergels Torg and take the tram line 7 (Spårväg City) or 
  • take "new" line 69 from Klara Vattugränd (stop "Centralen" former bus 47 stop) and change to tram at any of the stops between Kungsträdgården and Djurgårdsbron.
  • take "new" line 52 from Klarabergsviadukten (stop "Centralen" former 69 stop). And change to the tram stop at the Kungsträdgården or Nybroplan.

Swedish design at new tram stations

The Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin and Rosenbergs Arkitekter förslag till nya spårvagnspaviljonger i Stockholm have designed the new tram-stations. The proposed tram-pavilions flirts with the present as well as by early 1900-century art deco as well as with the green plants and suggested colors.

"I wanted to do something that was rooted in Stockholm in terms of details, materials and history, yet contemporary," explains Jonas Bohlin in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The pavilions are transparent with gray-green ribbons and brass details and wood.  On the curved roof they will plant roof plants that will change color as the seasons.

The new tram line, nr 7,  started on august 24.

Central Station is getting a make-over

The Central station is getting bigger, airier and lighter. It will be easier for you to go between different floors, different platforms and different methods of transport. The station will also house a wider range of stores, cafes, restaurants and services, including pharmacies, grocery stores and delicatessens. Everything you need when you are travelling.

The people at the central station promises todo everything they can to make life as easy and trouble-free as possible for all of you coming to the station while the renovation is taking place. There may be times when it is quite messy, with temporary footpaths and cordoned-off areas. To keep disruptions to a minimum, we are also going to be working at night.

Stockholm’s Central Station was opened in July 1871. Back then, 518 passengers travelled on ten trains to and from the station. Now, almost 140 years later, more than 200,000 passengers travel on more than 1,000 trains every day. This is why we are renovating and expanding Central Station to meet tomorrow’s travel needs. We are going to keep the characteristics of the historic building, while creating a travel centre of the future.

So please be patient and allow yourselves a little more time for your journey. And you can look forward to your station being even better when it is finished. www.jernhusen.se

Read more about the building projects in Stockholm here

Mobile touristguide on memory card

Stockholm is the first city that offer tourists an audio guide on a memory card for cell phones.

The TalkofTheTown guide uses the phone's music player. Therefore the tourists from abroad will not have to pay expensive roaming charges when using the guide.
- Leave the bulky guidebook at the hotel and take a break from sightseeing anytime, says the initiator Göran Derefelt.

The memory card includes an audio guide with 56 of the best sights in Stockholm. When the card is inserted, the guide automatically shows in the phone's music player. The 56 sights ar spread over the old town Gamla Stan, City, Södermalm, the island of Djurgården and the Drottningholm Palace.

- All stories are packed with historical facts and sprinkled with anecdotes, says the initiator Göran Derefeldt. The facts have been written by some of Swedens most wellknown historians and is read by professional narrators.

Each audioguide number is aproximately 3 minutes long and available in Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. The Talk of the Town card costs 125 SEK per day to rent, and is available at several hostels, hotels and bicyclerentals.

Long distance transfer to and from Arlanda airport

The Strömma Group is expanding on the bus side and buys the long distance transferbus company Air-bus. The company takes you to and from the cities of Karlstad - Kristinehamn - Karlskoga - Örebro - Arboga - Köping - Västerås and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Tramline expands. Opens next summer

Image: Dagens Nyheter
The tram line from all the attractions on Djurgården to Norrmalmstorg in the citycentre will expand. Next summer the line will continue on Hamngatan and up to Sergels Torg Square (the line on the right).

Fase two (the dotted line) will include a tramtrack from North western Kungsholmen to Stockholm Central which is due to open in 2011. Fase three will include a line from Djurgården to värtan and Ropsten.

Taxi welcome service at central station

The centralstation in Stockholm will offer a new service, named Taxi Welcome Service,  from April 1 2009. The new service is a way to give a better quality service and and give the customer several options. This can be ecofuel car, seat for children or an extra large taxi. The service costs 16 SEK and will be included in the taxifare.

Commutertrain to Arlanda Airport

The commutertrain route from Stockholm to Märsta will be extended to Stockholm Arlanda Airport in 2011. The public transport SL in Stockholm decided on this on Tuesday.

Taxi at a fixed price

Busy traffic and a running taxameter is no longer a fact in Stockholm. Taxi Stockholm introduces fixed prices in the city. The prices varie depending on time and day and the customer can decide whether they want to pay by taxameter or use the fixed price.

Tvärbanan extends to Solna

Photo: DN
Starting next year the popular Tvärbanan-local train will be extended to Solna and the new national arena in Solna. According to the plans it will all be inaugurated in four years, the summer of 2013. The new local train will start in Alvik and go via, Ulvsunda, Sundbyberg to Solna Business Park and end at Solna Station.

The Tvärbanan local train runs between Sickla Udde and Alvik today. Check out the SL map

Airport Shuttle takes you to the hotel

Airport Shuttle
offers transfer between most hotels in Stockholm city and Arlanda International Airport (ARN). The service fills the gap between the big establish services like Arlanda express train and the Airport Coaches which often is combined with a taxi to reach the end destination. AirportShuttle takes you all the way to the hotel.

Happy birthday Pendeltåg!

The Stockholm commutortrain called pendeltåg turns 40 years! Happy birthday. So why not visit some attractions on the commuter trainline such as Södertälje with the amazing Tom Tits Experiment and their open air museum Torekällberget. You can also visit Nynäshamn by the Sea for water activities, island hopping and great views.

Walk in the genuine Stockholm


Photo: Mäster Mikaels Street on Södermalm
When I visit a new city on a city break I try to use the time efficiant by walking around upon arrival. Stockholm is a perfect walking city, with its beautiful layout and compact format. This weekend I went on a guided tour around the "hights of Södermalm" and combined it with some SoFo-shopping. 

Stockholm City Museum will this year for the first time produce a Södermalm-sightseeing-map, a map free of charge,  with some of the main sights and historical points pointed out. I think this is a great idea, because this is something you can do by yourself anytime you like it.  The view is amazing! You will be able to find the "map" at Stockholm Tourist Centre and at the Stockholm city museum

National travel site makes it easier


Photo: RTS
The Swedish Travel and Tourismorganisation RTS launches a national travel service named Hela Resan. From the website (in english, swedish or finnish) you can find out how to get from one address to another in the entire Sweden and you can search via address or by map, or both. I must say.  it's absolutely the fastest and most accurate guide I have ever used.

You see, I have a summerhouse literally in the woods and the place name confuses even the best address-search engines in Sweden. But when I searched on Hela Resan I got a perfect route by car or by subway-train-bus to our house. I even found out the name of the busstop closest to us. Thats a great service!!!!

In march 2008 RTS will launch a booking and paying service, according to Travel News.

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