Zorn exhibition at Waldemarsudde

With works on-loan from national and international museums and private collections, the exhibition  - Zorn Masterpieces at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde in Stockholm- aims to give a comprehensive presentation of one of Sweden's greatest national painters.

Anders Zorn is arguably Sweden's most successful painter of all times. This year marks the 150th year of his birth, which is celebrated in the exhibition Zorn Masterpieces. The exhibition presents the first opportunity in a number of years to experience some eighty works by the artist, including several important international loans.

For Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, it is a special joy to be able to show the works of Anders Zorn at Waldemarsudde, since Zorn often visited Prince Eugen here, and the Prince in his turn paid several visits to the Zorns in their home at Mora.

Preview of open-air museum Skansen

Finalist 2010 - Skansen from Svenska Rese- och Turistgalan on Vimeo.

Two Stockholm attractions was among the nominees for the best experience in Stockholm, during Swedens tourism gala. The open-air and living history museum Skansen was one of the nominees.

World première of unique NASA exhibition

The world premiere of the international space exhibition “NASA - A Human Adventure", an exhibition of 400 authentic items, many on display for the first time, will take place in Stockholm. The exhibition opens on 27 January 2011.

The exploration of space is explained through a number of evocative installations, from the first space rocket launches to modern exploration of space beyond our solar system. The 2,000 m2 exhibition includes over 400 original items or replicas including space capsules, engines, space suits, telescopes and satellites, many of which have never been shown before.

The exhibition opens on January 27, 2011 at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm and closes on November 6, 2011.

A Human Adventure was produced by John Nurminen Prima in co-operation with NASA, Discovery Channel, The State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Moscow, the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, and White Room Artifacts.

100 000 have tried the SkyView

The new SkyView attraction opened in February this year and has already had 100 000 visitors - and almost all tours have been fully booked.

Most visitors have been swedes, but 30 percent foreign visitors from mainly Denmark followed by Finland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

80 000 visitors at Fotografiska

Stockholms new world attraction - Fotografiska (photo museum) opened in the end of May. Though the museum have just been open for 2,5 month it has already had 80 000 visitors, according to their blog. Congrats!

Fashion, concept and documentary at Fotografiska

Fotografiska presented its three exhibitions for Fall 2010 just recently. Expect an in-depth look at today’s most compelling and trendsetting photography. The best of fashion, conceptual, and documentary work.

  1. Fashion – fashion photography from now and then, September 24 - January 2, 2011
  2. Peter ten Hoopen Stockholm, September 10 – November 28, 2010
    1. Sandy Skoglund– The Artificial Mirror, September 10 - November 6, 2010

Church - a new sculpture in Stockholm

Stockholm has a new public sculpture "kyrka" (church) on the quay by the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The sculpture is made by one of Swedens prominent artists Ernst Billgren (left) and was placed in Stockholm in connection with the Royal wedding June 18.

Photo: Stockholm Konst

Fotografiska has opened

Enjoyed a warm summer evenening at the inauguration party of Fotografiska - the photomuseum in Stockholm. One of the exhibitors Ms Annie Leibovitz was there of course... 

Happy colleagues...

Stunning view...

World attraction opens in one month

There are just few international permanent photomuseums in the world which can show large exhibitions: Forma in Italy, Foam in the Netherlands and ICP in the US. In just one month Stockholm will host a new world photo attraction - Fotografiska! The former custom house by the waterfront has turned into a four story house, 5500 square meters, dedicated to the art of photography.

The list of the inauguration exhibitors are impressive: Annie Leibovitz, Vee Speers, Joel-Peter Witkin and Lennart Nilsson.

Besides having several exhibition halls, Fotografiska also has a shop, bar and a first class restaurant. At Fotografiska Akademin you can develop your photographical skills. Akademin offers courses in photography, digital editing and multimedia to amateurs, semi-professionals as well as to professionals. Fotografiska can also help you organize your conference or event - large and small. The building further hosts Fotografiska Galleriet, a separate gallery that shows and sells contemporary photography.

Jan Broman and Per Broman (image above) are the founders of Fotografiska. The Broman brothers have extensive experience of working in the image/photograph business.An art council together with the executives of Fotografiska are responsible for selecting exhibitions.

Fotografiska opens May 21 

Annie Lebovitz opens Fotografiska

May 21 marks the first solo exhibition in Sweden of one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. With over 190 photographs, Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990–2005 shows iconic images of famous public figures together with personal photographs of Leibovitz’s family and close friends in connection with the opening of Fotografiska.

Vee Speers - The Birthday Party, May 21 to September 5
Joel Peter Witkin - Bodies, May 21 to August 22
Lennart Nilsson - A child is Born, May 21 to September 5

will also be shown at Fotografiska

Best view of the city from SkyView

Stockholms new attraction, SkyView, opened on February 5th 2010, and has become a great success. The SkyView consists of two glass gondolas, which can each carry 16 people. The gondolas travel up two sets of rails on the outside of the Event arena Ericsson Globe, the worlds largest spherical building, all the way to the top, 130 metres above sea level.

We picked a stormy winter day and tried it all out. Despite the weather, and vertigo, i survived. It was fun too.

Waiting to get on board

The view over Götgatan, Södermalm

Philippa and Ylva on their way up.

Tuff Tuff a new Gröna Lund attraction

With a goal of a roller-coaster attraction for all age-groups Gröna Lund amusement park will open a rollercoaster ride for the youngest visitors. With the new Tuff-Tuff-Train Gröna Lund has six roller coasterrides - one for each age group and grade of bravery.

The new attraction and the park opens on April 24 2010.

Absolute Art Collection to Stockholm in 2012

Photo: Absolute Art Collection

The 800 pieces of original art in the Absolut Art collection (interpretations of the absolut vodka bottle by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Louise Bourgeois etcetera) will be one of the main attractions when the Vin- och sprithistoriska (The Historical Museum of Wines and Spirits) will move to the island of Djurgården (close to the Vasamuseum) in 2012.

The new museum will also include the permanent exhibition, a café by the waterfront and a temporary exhibition area. The museum, 2000 square meters, will be situated by the waterfront in the Galärskjulen (harbor sheds), originally built around the year of 1750.

Photo: Per Myrehed

About Vin och Sprithistoriska on Stockholmtown
Experience the history, the culture and the technology behind drinks such as vodka, wine and Swedish punsch. Test your sens of smell with 55 vodka spices in the scent organ. Step into a wine merchant's shop of a century ago. listen to 200 drinking songs - a classic Swedish tradition.

The entrance to the museum on Dalagatan is free of charge with the Stockholm Card

Skyview première

I just got an image from the SkyView première, and had to share it.

SkyView tickets to be released in one month

Stockholm's newest tourist attraction, SkyView, will be officially opened on February 5, 2010. This new ride consists of two gondolas that travel on rails on the outside of Ericsson Globe to the top of the building (130 meters above sea level). Today, the last phase of construction was started, involving the complicated installation of the last rail with the help of a helicopter.

Building SkyView has been a challenging and complex job involving construction at high heights and coordination of the project’s work with ongoing events at Ericsson Globe. In the beginning, no construction company wanted to take up the challenge. Sweden's most skilled mountain climbers and ski lift construction company were called in from the central province of Jämtland to accomplish the task.

Today, a helicopter was used to lift as many as 60 loads of material for the installation of the last rail on the roof of Ericsson Globe. "This was a crucial moment in the building process that required an incredible amount of preparation. At this time, our mountain climbers from Jämtland are on the roof of Ericsson Globe to receive the heavy load," says Mats Grönlund, CEO of SGA Fastigheter and one of the persons behind the attraction's concept. After more than 100 tons of steel and 100 meters of rails are assembled, SkyView will be finished and people will be able to ride to the top of Sweden's landmark structure, also the world's largest spherical building, in February 2010.

A new Service Center will be opened in connection with the official opening and debut of SkyView to give visitors more accessible and better service. Recruitment days were held on Thursday, November 5 (at 6.00 p.m.) and Friday, November 5 (at 10.00 a.m.) in Stockholm to find suitable candidates who would like to work for SkyView. This is SkyView: Two gondolas travel on rails along the outside of Ericsson Globe to the top of the building. The gondolas are made of glass and each gondola can carry up to 16 persons at a time. At the top of Ericsson Globe, the gondolas stop a while for the panoramic view before returning and taking the same way back. The length of the ride is approximately 16 minutes.

Gröna Lund expands

Gröna Lund
amusement park on the green island of Djurgården is expanding. The former parking lot of 11 000 square meters will include rollercoaster rides etcetera.

Fotografiska - a new top attraction in Stockholm

The people behind a new top attraction in Stockholm - the photomuseum named Fotografiska have great ambitions. I met them yesterday and became enthusiastic.

Photo needs space and its very unusual for museums of this kind to be located in the city centres. The Fotografiska (5 000 square metres) will be situated in Stora Tullhuset on Stadsgården-quay with a view of Old Town, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården islands with their own boat harbour.

Fotografiska will be an exhibition space dedicated to world class photography. Fotografiska will première as one of the foremost institutions in the world dedicated to the photographic medium

  • 4 large exhibitions every year with the best photographers in the world such as Avalon, Lebovitz and Penn etc
  • generous openinghours 10-21 every day (some days even to 22)
  • a restaurant and a bar with humane prices (stunning view)
  • a shop and a gallery where you can buy posters etc
  • courses in photography for amateurs and semi-pro
  • aditional 10 smaller exhibitions

The initators have a solid background in photo and have been behind the popular Photo fairs in Stockholm and Gothenburg plus has done solo exhibitions with photography, among them one with  David LaChapelle in 2008 in Stockholm.

The Modern Museum in Stockholm has a collection on photography and does several photo exhibitions and so does Kulturhuset. But there are just few international permanent photomuseums in the world which can show large exhibitions: Forma in Italy, Foam in the Netherlands and ICP in the US. Stockholm will be the fourth!

Photomuseum opens in Stockholm

Photo: Dagens Nyheter, Caroline Tibell

"It will be a permanent place for world class photography, domestic and international photos at their best", says the webpage of the Photomuseum, which will open in Stockholm in June 2010. The location will be Stora Tullhuset on Stadsgården, Slussen, in between Gamla Stan and Södermalm, according to Dagens Nyheter. Rumors say that Albert Watson will exhibit in the new photomuseum in december next year. Details about the photomuseum will be launched in august. The building will also include a restaurant and a cruise center.

One of Swedens most wellrenowned architects, Ferdinand Boberg stands behind the building. He is also the architect of Thielska Galleriet, Waldemarsudde and the departmentstore NK in Stockholm. Does the name Stora Tullhuset sound familiar? Yes, it was originally supposed to be the home of an ABBA-museum.
Read more about the ABBAmuseum, ABBA World here

New record for the Vasamuseum

One of Stockholms foremost attractions, the Vasamuseum, reaches a new visitors record.  257 000 visitors have visited the museum during the first six months, which is 3 percent more than the same period last year.

ABBA The Museum becomes ABBAWORLD

The exhibition that will take the legendary Swedish pop group ABBA's story on a world tour is changing its name from ABBA the Museum to ABBAWORLD. The ABBAWORLD exhibition will have its world premiere in Europe later this year.

The website, http://www.abbaworld.com/, will be launched this summer and it will provide visitors with an appetiser for the exhibition.

"The site will make it possible for the audience to plan their visit, to record and play back selected interactive features such as dancing, singing and performing with ABBA, and to share their visit at ABBAWORLD with friends and family in a truly unique way," said Danielsson. "We are working with some of the most talented people in the business to create a new platform for international, touring exhibitions which integrates seamlessly with the Internet."

Görel Hanser, spokesperson and business manager of ABBA, commented: "The exhibition ABBAWORLD will ensure that the legacy of ABBA will live on, for old and new generations to experience far into the future."


ABBAWORLD is a unique touring exhibition filled with music, original costumes, history, images, instruments and never-before-displayed memorabilia from the group's recording and performing heyday. ABBAWORLD is an interactive experience featuring the latest technology in sound, visuals, multimedia and communications. It is the only exhibition of its kind, with memorabilia approved by ABBA. Most of the items have been supplied exclusively by the quartet: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, and Agnetha Fältskog.

ABBAWORLD - The Music * The Memories * The Magic

http://www.abbaworld.com/ (due September 1)

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