World attraction opens in one month

There are just few international permanent photomuseums in the world which can show large exhibitions: Forma in Italy, Foam in the Netherlands and ICP in the US. In just one month Stockholm will host a new world photo attraction - Fotografiska! The former custom house by the waterfront has turned into a four story house, 5500 square meters, dedicated to the art of photography.

The list of the inauguration exhibitors are impressive: Annie Leibovitz, Vee Speers, Joel-Peter Witkin and Lennart Nilsson.

Besides having several exhibition halls, Fotografiska also has a shop, bar and a first class restaurant. At Fotografiska Akademin you can develop your photographical skills. Akademin offers courses in photography, digital editing and multimedia to amateurs, semi-professionals as well as to professionals. Fotografiska can also help you organize your conference or event - large and small. The building further hosts Fotografiska Galleriet, a separate gallery that shows and sells contemporary photography.

Jan Broman and Per Broman (image above) are the founders of Fotografiska. The Broman brothers have extensive experience of working in the image/photograph business.An art council together with the executives of Fotografiska are responsible for selecting exhibitions.

Fotografiska opens May 21 


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