Görvälns castle

Görvelns Slott

(castle) is situated in a suburb north of the city and looks really nice. I think the style is bold and cool - i just love the green and pink colour combination. Unfortunately the website is in swedish,  but there are plenty of pictures for those who are interested. The image is from Sköna hem magazine

Nordic Light Hotel awarded

Nordic Light Hotel

was chosen the best boutique hotel in Sweden at the World Travel Awards recently. Nordic Light Hotel was also chosen as one of the best profiled design hotels in the world. The World Trave Awards is one of the most prestigious prizes in the tourism industry.

Nordic Light Hotel works with the concept that design, light, sound and interesting people are a part of the guest experience. They work actively with events such as Stockholm Film Festival, Stockholm Design Week and Future Design Days to include the best and the latest that Sweden has to offer.

Ingmar Bergman Int Theatre Festival

During one week som of the most interesting foreign theatre plays perform at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. There will also be several seminars, activities and meetings for the trade. The Royal Dramatic Theatre have plans for the area around the Royal Dramatc Theatre House at Nybropland and the Ingmar Bergmans Plats square in Stockholm. Hopefully photo exhibitions and outdoor movies. The Ingmar Bergman Interational Theatre Festival will take place May 27 - June 6th 2009.

Read more about Ingmar Bergman on Wikipedia

Postcard sightseeing in Old Town

This summer visitors can enjoy a "Post card sightseeing of Stockholm" at the Post museum in Gamla Stan. The Post museum will feature a large exhibition with postcards and objects from the City in 1880 and forward. Where did people shop? How did they dress? and how did it look? These are questions that will be answered. The exhibition takes place from May 28 2009 to January 7 2010.

New routes to Stockholm

There are five new routes to Stockholm this autumn. The first one starts on October 20.

Volvo Ocean Race in Stockholm

Volvo Ocean Ra

ce in Stockholm is one of the main events during 2009. Even though the race started a week ago the contestants will reach Stockholm in June. Leg 9 starts of in Marstrand on June the 14 and they will reach the goal Sandhamn outside Stockholm on June 16. If you are able to see Swedish TV 4 dont miss out on Volvo Ocean race on Mondays at 23. The Volvo Ocean Race in Stockholm consists of several events
  • Race Village on Skeppsbron with event tents, pavillions, stages and restaurants opens on June 14th and closes on June 25.
  • Leg 9 finishes at Kanholmsfjärden and stays at Sandhamn port on June 16th
  • In port race on Kanholmsfjärden  on June 22. This "close-quarters racing is a fantastic event for the public"
  • Stockholm City Sprint from Torsby fjärden and into the Stockholm City Center on afternoon June 17
  • Pro Am race crew and guests races with Volvo 70 boats
  • Extreme 40 - a three day race with catamaran-boats finishes in Stockholm
  • Leg 10 from Kanholmsfjärden Stockholm to St Petersburg on June 25

Finland - theme for Culture festival

The Culture Festival in August has become a popular returning event in Stockholm. The next festival takes place August 11-16 2009.  The themes for 2009 are already set.

One of the main themes is "Finland", to celebrate that its 200 years since Finland and Sweden became two countries. Three main events are planned; an evening with great finish artists, nostalgiaevening and a club evening with a finish scent.

From July 2009 Sweden will be chairman European Council and this will be celebrated during the Culture Festival as well. Maybee with events related to environmental issues or the expansion of EU.

90 percent of the events are free of charge

Luxury hotel on Norrmalmstorg

The Nobis group are planning to open a new hotel very centrally located on Norrmalmstorg Square. The new hotel will be a five star luxury hotel with 200 rooms and will open in 2010.

Insane roller coaster to Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm will launch a new wild roller coaster when they open in spring. The name of the new attraction is "insane" and is according to Gröna Lund, The worlds longest and highest rollercoster of its kind.

Bond world premiere in Stockholm

We are very proud to announce that Stockholm, Paris, London will host the World Premiere of the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace on October 31.

Peter Lindqvist Stockholms new head of tourism is Peter Lindqvist

Stockholm Visitors Boards new CEO is Peter Lindqvist, who has been working within the meeting and conference segment for many years. Peter Lindqvist was CEO of Congrex Sweden, one of the world's leading conference organizers, for many years and worked most recently as head of the meeting and conference department of Stockholm Visitors Board. Read more here

Hotel J ranked on European top 10-list

Hotel J at Nacka Strand have been chosen as one of Europes Top Ten Hotels. Its the prestigious GaYOT- guide, which writes only about the worlds best restaurants, hotels, businesses and sights, that stands behind the nomination. Here's the top list

Places to shop - for all wallets

The City daily paper listed nine places to shop for fashion, three luxury, three mid priced and three budget alternatives. Here goes:

Natalie Schuterman
Mrs H

Top Shop
Awsome Rags

Gina Tricot


Taste the archipelago at Grand Hotel

Photo: Långviks Krydderi & Handel
A small Aquavit (vodka/snaps)brewery, Långviks Krydderi & Handel, on the island of Möja in the Stockholm Archipelago are producing Grand Hôtels own Aquavit named 1874 Grand Aquavit.  Why not taste it during their christmas smörgåsbord at Grands Veranda.

Rica hotels launches signature scent

We have all heard about design hotels, boutique hotels and so on. The next trend is scent hotels, and Rica Hotel group in Sweden are the first to launch their own signature scent. The idea comes from the fact that scent memories are  the strongest of all the senses. Rica Hotel at Kungsgatan, situated in the same building as the new lifestyle department store PUB launched the scent recently.

The products have all got a mild scent of lemon, smells fresh and are all made of environmentally sound ingrediences. The scent have been designed by Franka Bath & Body Care a new scandinavian company. The new scents will be launched in all Rica Hotels in Sweden.

Prize for red

One of Swedens signatures are the red houses with white corners, like this. The red colour, named Falu Rödfärg, has been used to protect and preserve the buildings for some 250 years. Anyways, 20 modern buildings - all of them using the red colour - have been nominated to the Rödfärgspriset (red colour prize). The prize will be awarded at Nordiska museet on October 14.

Crown Princess - on facade at Arlanda Airport

Recognize the silluette on this picture? Yes its the image of the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria. This is an outline of a new hotel with 600 rooms situated at Arlanda-Airport. The construction start is planned for 2009 and will open in 2011 runned by First Hotels

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