Volvo Ocean Race in Stockholm

Volvo Ocean Ra

ce in Stockholm is one of the main events during 2009. Even though the race started a week ago the contestants will reach Stockholm in June. Leg 9 starts of in Marstrand on June the 14 and they will reach the goal Sandhamn outside Stockholm on June 16. If you are able to see Swedish TV 4 dont miss out on Volvo Ocean race on Mondays at 23. The Volvo Ocean Race in Stockholm consists of several events
  • Race Village on Skeppsbron with event tents, pavillions, stages and restaurants opens on June 14th and closes on June 25.
  • Leg 9 finishes at Kanholmsfjärden and stays at Sandhamn port on June 16th
  • In port race on Kanholmsfjärden  on June 22. This "close-quarters racing is a fantastic event for the public"
  • Stockholm City Sprint from Torsby fjärden and into the Stockholm City Center on afternoon June 17
  • Pro Am race crew and guests races with Volvo 70 boats
  • Extreme 40 - a three day race with catamaran-boats finishes in Stockholm
  • Leg 10 from Kanholmsfjärden Stockholm to St Petersburg on June 25

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