New attraction in the Stockholm Card

(Toy Land) has reopened in Stockholm, on Wallingatan 12. Leksaksland is a nostalgia museum with toys like Barbie, Starwars, Disney etcetera. The museum just opened and has free entrance with the Stockholmcard

Skansen committed to Children

The open air museum Skansen is targetting children and families. With a 60 million SEK budget the  "Childrens Skansen Zoo" (Lill-Skansen) will get a new look.

Childrens Skansen Zoo (Lill-Skansen) is today a place where children can meet baby-animals like rabbits, pigs and goats during the summer period.

The New Lill-Skansen, of 5400 square meters, will be open all year around and is planned to open in the winter of 2011. The idea is to make a place where children can meet nordic animals and pets. A new building of 1000 square meters will give access to indoor activities. The construction process starts in October 2010.  the new Children Skansen Zoo will open in the winter of 2011.

Culture house for children

Just a couple of days ago I heard that Stockholm is getting a Culture House for Children named Palatset (the palace) during 2011. The former National Archives at Riddarholmen in Stockholm is transformed into a culture palace for all Sweden’s children.  

Palatset (the Palace) will become Sweden’s national stage for children’s culture. The Palace is large – eight floors and 5000 square meters filled with the greatest culture and most exciting experiences for anyone from six to fifteen to a hundred years old.

Great family hotels and apartments

Photo: Rica Talk Hotel
Travelling with children to this year? Then Stockholm can be a good option. Several hotels are offering special childrens menues and activities this summer.

The brittish chef Jamie Oliver have made a special kids menu for Scandic Hotels and the children stay for free at Scandic.  The new kids' menu offers five main courses, a salad that you mix yourself and a dessert that really tests your creativity. Every dish is a two-part recipe for success, one serving of balanced and healthy food topped with a large dollop of playfulness. check out the menu here 

Rica Hotel Talk in Stockholm launches a concept: Check in with Alfons Åberg. Alfons Åberg is a popular swedish children book caracter and Rica Hotel Talk have launched a playground for children in the hotel. The children get a surprize upon arrival and Rica offers priceworthy rates for families.

Photo: Stay At Lindhagen
The Stay At-chain specializes in Hotel Apartments. All rooms come with a fully equipped kitchen and rooms for up to 6-8 people. They have four hotels in the Stockholm area, the newest being Stay at Lindhagen in Stockholm City.

Swedish design for your child

Photo: My reflection and Sleep/Brio
The swedish company Brio produces classical wooden toys, strollers and children furniture. The past couple of year they have updated their profile and have gotten the best swedish designers to update their toys and furniture. Peter Andersson and  Matti Klenell designed "Sleep", Fredrik Matsson designed "Sit" and Pia Wallen designed "My First Reflection". Curious about Brio? Then check out the new BRIO Store in Stockholm. 

200 new experiments at Tom Tits

The largest investment ever makes Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje south of Stockholm one of the most interesting children attractions in the Stockholm area. 200 new exciting experiments and attractions is added to the 400 existing attractions, among them a bicycle up the wall, travel in the 40 meter long slide, a giant robot roller coaster, a storm-ground and a water rocket.

New childrens playground at Skansen


Skansen Openair museum has built a new fun playground for small children named Päronparken (The Pear Park) a village with "warm eggs" made by a large animal, an exciting ruin, hairy rope-rastafari sheeps to ride, a labyrinth to explore and mushrooms to jump on and plenty more. All made by tile, wood, ceramics, rubber and rope

New free attraction for children in Stockholm


The popular childrenbook character Mulle Meck (Freddy Fixer) will get an adventurous themepark for children, and grownups, in the new residential area Järvastaden in Solna/Sundbyberg in Stockholm.  The playground attraction will be open for the public and free of charge. It will open during summer 2008. The amazing scenographer Tor Svae, the man behind the crane girafs on Beckholmen, is working on the project. He has also done the smaller, but very popular, Mulle-Meck-installation at Junibacken.

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