Skansen committed to Children

The open air museum Skansen is targetting children and families. With a 60 million SEK budget the  "Childrens Skansen Zoo" (Lill-Skansen) will get a new look.

Childrens Skansen Zoo (Lill-Skansen) is today a place where children can meet baby-animals like rabbits, pigs and goats during the summer period.

The New Lill-Skansen, of 5400 square meters, will be open all year around and is planned to open in the winter of 2011. The idea is to make a place where children can meet nordic animals and pets. A new building of 1000 square meters will give access to indoor activities. The construction process starts in October 2010.  the new Children Skansen Zoo will open in the winter of 2011.


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