Fotografiska - a new top attraction in Stockholm

The people behind a new top attraction in Stockholm - the photomuseum named Fotografiska have great ambitions. I met them yesterday and became enthusiastic.

Photo needs space and its very unusual for museums of this kind to be located in the city centres. The Fotografiska (5 000 square metres) will be situated in Stora Tullhuset on Stadsgården-quay with a view of Old Town, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården islands with their own boat harbour.

Fotografiska will be an exhibition space dedicated to world class photography. Fotografiska will première as one of the foremost institutions in the world dedicated to the photographic medium

  • 4 large exhibitions every year with the best photographers in the world such as Avalon, Lebovitz and Penn etc
  • generous openinghours 10-21 every day (some days even to 22)
  • a restaurant and a bar with humane prices (stunning view)
  • a shop and a gallery where you can buy posters etc
  • courses in photography for amateurs and semi-pro
  • aditional 10 smaller exhibitions

The initators have a solid background in photo and have been behind the popular Photo fairs in Stockholm and Gothenburg plus has done solo exhibitions with photography, among them one with  David LaChapelle in 2008 in Stockholm.

The Modern Museum in Stockholm has a collection on photography and does several photo exhibitions and so does Kulturhuset. But there are just few international permanent photomuseums in the world which can show large exhibitions: Forma in Italy, Foam in the Netherlands and ICP in the US. Stockholm will be the fourth!


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