SkyView tickets to be released in one month

Stockholm's newest tourist attraction, SkyView, will be officially opened on February 5, 2010. This new ride consists of two gondolas that travel on rails on the outside of Ericsson Globe to the top of the building (130 meters above sea level). Today, the last phase of construction was started, involving the complicated installation of the last rail with the help of a helicopter.

Building SkyView has been a challenging and complex job involving construction at high heights and coordination of the project’s work with ongoing events at Ericsson Globe. In the beginning, no construction company wanted to take up the challenge. Sweden's most skilled mountain climbers and ski lift construction company were called in from the central province of Jämtland to accomplish the task.

Today, a helicopter was used to lift as many as 60 loads of material for the installation of the last rail on the roof of Ericsson Globe. "This was a crucial moment in the building process that required an incredible amount of preparation. At this time, our mountain climbers from Jämtland are on the roof of Ericsson Globe to receive the heavy load," says Mats Grönlund, CEO of SGA Fastigheter and one of the persons behind the attraction's concept. After more than 100 tons of steel and 100 meters of rails are assembled, SkyView will be finished and people will be able to ride to the top of Sweden's landmark structure, also the world's largest spherical building, in February 2010.

A new Service Center will be opened in connection with the official opening and debut of SkyView to give visitors more accessible and better service. Recruitment days were held on Thursday, November 5 (at 6.00 p.m.) and Friday, November 5 (at 10.00 a.m.) in Stockholm to find suitable candidates who would like to work for SkyView. This is SkyView: Two gondolas travel on rails along the outside of Ericsson Globe to the top of the building. The gondolas are made of glass and each gondola can carry up to 16 persons at a time. At the top of Ericsson Globe, the gondolas stop a while for the panoramic view before returning and taking the same way back. The length of the ride is approximately 16 minutes.


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