Pink Christmas in Stockholm

Stockholm has a fun gay scene. Why not celebrate Pink Christmas in Stockholm.

Stockholm Gay Community celebrates santa Lucia, Christmas and Chanukah on December 11-13 2009.

Celebration takes place at Torget, Momma, Side Track, Roxy, Göken, tomrik mat&dryck, Monarki, Paradise Zipper, 2.35:1+Gay, Lydmar, Berns and Högkvarteret.

  • Highlights in the program:
  • You cant helping falling in Love with Sean Magnus at the Berns
  • Church of sweden celebrate Christmas Rainbow Mass
  • The German Church in Old town gives a Christmas concert with Sapphonia and Stockholm Gay Choir
  • Scandinavian Leather Men - SLM hosts a mixed christmas party
  • The Bear club, Viking Bears are mixin up with Santa's and their admirers.
  • Visit the Dance museum and the exhibition; The Russan Ballet in Paris
  • During Pink Christmas we are collecting money to the LGBT-refugee's charity organization. Help us to help LGBT-refugees seeking asylum!

     More info on QX Gaymap/Stockholm

Postat av: Arsento

Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

2009-11-29 @ 10:00:12
Postat av: Stockholmtownblog

Arsento: Thanks for the complement. Yes I have worked for a newsagency in Sweden as a journalist - english is not my native language...

2009-11-30 @ 15:20:56

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