Stockholm hosts major neurological congress

The European Federation of Neurological Societies, EFNS, has recently decided that Stockholm will play host to Europe's largest neurological congress in 2012. The congress is held annually in various European cities. Read more here.

Stockholm International Fair expands

Stockholm International Fairs will expand their exhibition facilities. 8 400 square meters in conjunction with the A-hall will include exhibitionspace, conference facilities, a new entrance and restaurants. The new hall will be ready in 2009.

New meeting premises at GrandHôtel

Four new meeting premises have just opened at Grand Hotel. The new four rooms have been designed by well-renowned White Arkitekter in Sweden and are named Stockholm, New York, Berlin and St Petersburg after Vicke Andréns allegory painting in Spegelsalen ceiling. The Stockholm auditorium takes 215 persons, New York with up to 95 persons and Berlin/St Petersburg with ten respective twelve persons.

Attractive country for businessmen

The book: The flight of creative class by Richard Florida launches an index of how sexy a country is for business. That is:  Which level each country?s is for the general businesslife in areas of creativity, technology and flexibility. Sweden is number one, followed by Japan, Finland, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway and Germany

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