ABBA - How it all started


ABBA have sold around 370 million records around the world. Elvis and The Beatles are probably the only ones who surpass those figures. Every year 2-3 million albums are sold, which means that ABBA are still one of the world's best-selling groups. It all started on a June night in 1966, when 21-year-old Björn Ulvaeus is on tour with the Hootenanny Singers and 20-year-old Benny Andersson is touring with the Hep Stars. Under an oak-tree in

the town of Linköping a mutual friendship is born, along with the idea to write a song together. They later met with Annifrid and Agneta and eventually formed the group ABBA.  The big breakthrough comes on April 6, 1974, when ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton with "Waterloo". Read more here


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