Cosy winter christmas cafés


Photo: ICA
The webpage Allt om Stockholm lists their favorite cafées north and south of Slussen in Stockholm. Loved the idea, blended it with some of my own favorites and here goes: 

North of Slussen

Ritorno, Odengatan 80-82, Vasastan - Play boardgames, read a paper and enjoy a classical atmosphere
Vete-Katten, Kungsgatan 55, Norrmalm - a traditional Stockholm classic.

Café Fix, S:t Eriksgatan 35, vasastan  - been here since 1910 and is still going strong.

Hotel Reisen, Skeppsbron 12-14, Gamla Stan  - for an afternoon tea or a hot toddy

Chokladkoppen, Stortorget, Gamla Stan - Cosyatmosphere for a hot chocolate. Gayfriendly.

South of Slussen

Café Blå Lotus, Katarina Bangata 21 - young alternative and creative people find their peace here. 

Café Fåtöljen, Hornsgatan 55 - the small rooms in the basement floor gives the right winter feel

Café Puck , Hornsgatan 32 - coffebar and art in the same building. The colourful paintings gives you energy on dull days.

Vurma, Bergsunds strand 31 - Vurma's newest addition is already a favorite. Visit the other Vurma on Polhemsgatan, Kungsholmen and Gästrikegatan, Vasastan.


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