Gustavsberg - an archipelago tour in the winter




Photo: Gustavsberg Expo, Bistro and Hamn
Come and enjoy stockholm's scenic archipelago and the unique heriage of the old gustavsberg Porcelain Factory, says the broschure of Gustavsberg Harbour - and I do agree. Go here by boat (in the summer) or by bus (nr 420, 422, 424, 425, 428-430, 474, 492) from Slussen. The area is nice and on a relatively small area there are plenty of things to see and do:
1) Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum (discover some of the top ceramics, among them porcelain of Stig Lindberg and the Nobel dinner set etc)
2) Gustavsberg Art Gallery, Glass Expo and Studio shop at Gula Byggningen. The artgallery opened in June 2007 and is devoted to present top contemporary art in ceramics and glass. The gallery also houses a display of unique art for sale.
3) Tornhuset Gallery selling nice nostalgia things and beautiful black and white pictures from Stockholm and Gustavsberg. Tornhuset also has a nice café with a view over the lake.
4) Antikhuset, specialized in selling vintage china and works of art from Gustavsberg during the years 1850 - 1990
5) Gustavsbergs Glashytta (Glassworks) where you can see and try to "blow" glass
6) In the same building as the Glassworkds you will find Restaurant Glashuset which is a really nice restaurant, there is also a café in the Tornhuset Gallery and a Bistro (image above) with the interior made of ceramics.
7) Factory outlets of  HPF Household porcelain factory, Hackman-Rörstrand, Villeroy & Boch, Orrefors Kostaboda.
Read also about the Porcelain Factory .

Postat av: Ann-Kristin

Gustavsberg sounds like a really great place to go? Is it far from the city?

2007-12-19 @ 18:32:57
Postat av: Stockholmtownbloggen

Ann-Kristin: Its not very far, takes about 30-40 minutes by bus...

2007-12-19 @ 18:40:48
Postat av: Tina Harper

Dear Ann-Kristin

Can you recommend a small hotel or guest house in Gustavsberg for the nights of 21 to 25 March.
I am coming from England to visit relatives.


Tina Harper

2008-02-25 @ 08:49:29
Postat av: Stockholmtown

Dear Tina!
Hotel Blå blom, seems to be a nice place in central Gustavsberg. Havn't stayed there myself though

best regards

2008-02-25 @ 10:32:08

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