"Christmas is best at Skansen"


Photo: Skansen Christmas market
The open-air museum Skansen is the best place to experience the swedish traditions and culture live. Christmas is of course one of the highlights of the year and I do agree with their slogan: Christmas is best at Skansen. Here are the christmas programme in short:
  • Traditional Christmas Market - handicrafts, gifts and food all around Skansen during the first three weekends in December at 11-17. Dancing games around our christmas tree at Bollnästorget and other things
  • The Spirit of Christmas - Christmas decorated farms and houses, concerst, gingerbreat-bakery, candle dipping and straw craft, Dec 1-6 Jan.
  • Lucia tradition since 1893 at Skansen. Stockholm Lucia is coronated December 1. A christmas Sing-a-long with popular swedish artists such as Nanne Grönvall, magnus Carlsson and Christer Björkman follows. Lucia is celebrated on the Lucia day, December 13.
  • Christmas exhibition on Design. Some 30 designers have interpreted the light of Christmas in the exhibition "Lysande!". Dec 1-Jan 6.
  • Ice and Fire - Celebrate winter solstice (vintersolstånd) on Soliden with fire acrobats, ice sculpturer, ice installations, dance and songs. December 22 at 12-16.
  • Dance away Christmas (julgransplundring) - Dancing games around the chrstmas tree for the last time is a Swedish tradition. Jan 6 at 12-15.    


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