Painter Carl Larsson - highly topical again


Photo: Magasin 3/Fredrik Söderberg
The swedish painter giant Carl Larsson is currently interesting at two exhibitions in Stockholm, though he died almost one hundred years ago in 1919. If you visit nationalmuseum you will see the entrance walls with his gigantic paintings.

1)The renowned Magasin 3 Stockholm Arthall presents an exhibition where the young Swedish artist Fredrik Söderberg (b. 1972) meets the giant of the Swedish artistic canon, Carl Larsson (1853-1919). "Fredrik Söderberg's paintings encompassing the magical, fantastical and enchanting are a blend of historical references and contemporary cultural codes. Carl Larsson is one of these historical references" according to Magasin 3.

2) The Fine art dealer Åmells presents the Painter Carl Larsson in their springexhibition 19/4-17/5. The theme is "The City of Stockholm in art" and includes paintings of all swedish giants: Anders Zorn, Bruno Liljefors and Carl Larsson. Åmells will devote an entire room to Carl Larssons paintings during a period.


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