Crayfish season at Stockholm restaurants

Photo: Cornelia Nordström/Scanpix

The traditional Crayfish premiere takes place August 8 all over Sweden and also in Stockholm. Mid August is a time when Swedes invites or get invited to crayfishparties. Swedish Crayfish are boiled with dill and salt which gives them great taste. The typical swedish crayfish party includes "knäckebröd" (crisp bread), cheese and with "snaps" (dram) and beer to go with it. And yes, swedes do wear those hats and sing songs during their Crayfish party

Why not try eating crayfish the swedish way on your visit in Stockholm.
Ulriksdals Wärdshus serves swedish crayfish and smörgåsbord all august - monday to friday during the evenings.
Grands Veranda  serves crayfish from thursday August 14-24


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