New ambient bar at Nordic Light Hotel



Photo: Nordic Light Hotel
Every Wednesday Stockholm's designer hotel, the Nordic Light Hotel, will host fLiM Stockholm, "the capital's only ambient bar" according to Nordic Light Hotel. Resident DJ kliin will present a number of guest DJs and video artists this spring. The idea is to create a permanent meeting place for people who like to go out, have a cocktail and some good food and chat with their friends while enjoying soft, ambient electronic music.
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Programme in january:
  • 16 Jan - Knivflickan  -  Hanna Österberg, aka Knivflickan, invites everyone to "sit yourself down, have a glass of wine and listen to my electronica with an edge". She has previously played at Färgfabriken and provided the warm-up for The Knife.
  • 23 Jan - Mats Almegård (P2 Ström) (Water-inspired Set) - Together with Andreas Tilliander and Håkan Lidbo, Mats Almegård is one of the guys behind Sweden's best radio programme on electronic music, Ström (P2). He plays mostly minimal techno, electronica and ambient. On this evening he will be playing a special kind of water-inspired ambient set, while fLiM's own Håkan Ullberg displays H20 projections.
  • 30 Jan - Finn of Tomland (resident at Culture-Box Dk) - Finn lives in Malmo and has been resident DJ at Culture-Box in Copenhagen for some time now. He previously ran his own electronica club in Malmo and there are plans afoot to open a new one


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