Don't miss out on Stockholm’s Culture Festival in August

The cultural life in Stockholm will explode during Stockholm's Culture Festival. The forgotten squares and parks in Stockholm come alive during the six day long festival from 11 o'clock until midnight. More than 500 shows, performed by 200 artists from all over the globe, will be crammed into the festival area between August 12-17. There will be free admission to 99% of the program.

Sergels Torg square: Activities on the building facades, avantgarde circus and things you can participate in. •Brunkeberg Square: Club music & Hiphop and house for the younger crowd 
Gustav Adolfs Square: "Cultures meet" themes every night: Opera meets carneval, Swedish folkmusic meets Senegal Percussion, Stockholm meets Harlem etc.
Blasieholms Square: Creative activities for children aged 0-12 everyday from noon until 18.00.
Raoul Wallenberg Square: "Rites of Life" a photo exhibition: 20 cultures from birth to death by photographer and writer Anders Ryman.
Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen islands: This years Art project is all about defence. Six outdoor exhibitions from different angles.

·Movies: CinemAfrica arranges two movie evenings at the roof of Kulturhuset (culture house). Stockholm Film Festival arranges with five out door movienights at Tantolunden-park on the theme Revolutionary romance with movies such as Marie-Antoinette and Rebel without a cause.


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