Meeting rooms to keep you awake

The Nordic Sea Hotel launches new meeting rooms to keep you awake. This summer, the Nordic Sea Hotel will launch three new creative meeting rooms and double the size of the Absolute Ice bar. With features such as daylight simulation and below-zero temperatures, the hotel can help meeting organisers to ensure that participants stay alert! 

Havet - the Light Room Havet offers a space in which to optimise learning and development for your employees. Additional writing boards and vibrant lighting makes learning a stimulating experience. Havet has room for 50 people.

Horisonten - the Energy
Room Horisonten is a room that exudes energy, with décor that is about as far removed as you can get from a traditional conference venue. A circular bar surrounded by "wall-writes" (walls that you can write on), groups of sofas, comfy armchairs and TV screens all help to create a stimulating and dynamic environment. Horisonten has room for 20 meeting attendees.

Djupet - the Dialogue Room Djupet encourages interaction and dialogue, and has room for 30 people. There is a stage, with room for sofas and armchairs, from which panel debates, press conferences, etc. can be conducted. Participants can also hold round-table discussions.


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