Strolls for all the senses

When I go for a citybreak I love to wander around, curiously just exploring the unknown. Here are some of my favorite walks in Stockholm:

By the waterfront on Söder  
Södermalm is situated on a hill with an amazing view over the green Djurgården and Old Town at Mosebacke, Fjällgatan etcetera. Se the old Stockholm, red cottages and romantic environment. Fetch a free map at the Stockholm City Museum or Stockholm Tourist Centre. Don't miss out on Monteliusvägen - a small path on Södermalm, with a great view over the City Hall and picturesque houses and gardens.

Djurgårdsbrunn canal  
This is a nice walk with many pit-stop options. Stroll through the beautiful villas in the "diplomatic town" along the canal to the romantic Djurgårdsbrunns Wärdshus (inn), accross the bridge, to Rosendal Palace and Rosendals Gardencafé. Enjoy the lush green wild park environment.  Why not continue on Strandvägen back to the city.

Start with the allotmentgardens at Hornstull. They are all one of a kind decorated with love and dreams. Stroll along the waterfront. If its a weekend you don't want to miss the Street market.  Stop at Nyfiken Gul for some barbeque and end the evening at SoFo.

Riddarfjärden runt  
Börja på Riddarholmen och gå mot slussen längs södermälarstrand, över Västerbron, Rålambshovsparken längs Norrmälarstrand och förbi Stadshuset.


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